Georges Melies: First Wizard of Cinema Volume One

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Card Party
Une Partie De Cartes : Card Party
A Terrible Night
Une Nuit Terrible : A Terrible Night
The Vanishing Lady
Escamotage d'une dame chez Robert-Houdin : The Vanishing Lady
A Nightmare
Le Cauchemar : A Nightmare
The Haunted Castle
Le Chateau Hante : The Haunted Castle
The Surrender Of Tournavos
La Prise de Tournavos : The Surrender Of Tournavos
Between Calais And Dover
Entre Calais et Douvres : Between Calais And Dover
The Bewitched Inn
L'Auberge ensorcelee : The Bewitched Inn
After The Ball
Apres Le Bal : After The Ball
Divers At Work On The Wreck Of The "Maine"
Visite sous-marine du Maine : Divers At Work On The Wreck Of The "Maine"
Panorama From Top Of A Moving Train
Panorama Pris D'un Train En Marche : Panorama From Top Of A Moving Train
The Magician
Le Magicien : The Magician
The Famous Box Trick
Illusions Fantasmagoriques : The Famous Box Trick
Adventures Of William Tell
Guillaume Tell Et Le Clown : Adventures Of William Tell
The Astronomer's Dream
La Lune a un metre : The Astronomer's Dream
The Four Troublesome Heads
Un Homme de tete : The Four Troublesome Heads
The Temptation Of Saint Anthony
Tentation de Saint Antoine : The Temptation Of Saint Anthony
The Conjurer
L'illusionniste fin de siecle : The Conjurer
The Devil In A Convent
Le Diable au couvent : The Devil In A Convent
The Pillar Of Fire
La Danse du feu : The Pillar Of Fire
The Mysterious Portrait
Le Portrait mysterieux : The Mysterious Portrait
Dreyfus Court Martial - Arrest Of Dreyfus
L'Affaire Dreyfus, La dictee du bordereau : Dreyfus Court Martial - Arrest Of Dreyfus
Devil's Island - Within The Palisade
L'Affaire Dreyfus, A l'ile du diable : Devil's Island - Within The Palisade
Dreyfus Put In Irons
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Mise aux fers de Dreyfus : Dreyfus Put In Irons
Suicide Of Colonel Henry
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Suicide du Colonel Henry : Suicide Of Colonel Henry
Landing Of Dreyfus At Quiberon
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Debarquement a Quiberon : Landing Of Dreyfus At Quiberon
Dreyfus Meets His Wife At Rennes
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Entrevue de Dreyfus et de sa femme a Rennes : Dreyfus Meets His Wife At Rennes
The Attempt Against The Life Of Maitre Labori
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Attentat contre maitre Labori : The Attempt Against The Life Of Maitre Labori
The Fight Of Reporters
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Bagarre entre journalistes : The Fight Of Reporters
The Court Martial At Rennes
L'Affaire Dreyfus, Le Conseil de guerre en seance a Rennes Cendrillon : The Court Martial At Rennes
Le Chevalier mystere : Cinderella
The Cook's Revenge
La Vengeance du gate-sauce : The Cook's Revenge
The Misfortunes Of An Explorer
Les Infortunes d'un explorateur ou les momies recalcitrantes L'Homme orchestre : The Misfortunes Of An Explorer
Joan Of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc : Joan Of Arc

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Monsieur Hire
Adapted from the book by celebrated Belgian crime novelist Georges Simenon, Monsieur Hire is a film of gorgeously muted widescreen color and"funereal beauty" (The Washington Post) that coolly unpacks sexual obsession and romantic love with an intelligence and understated intensity "so delicate that you almost hold your breath for the…
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  • Slatan Dudow: A Film About a Marxist Artist (Dir. Volker Koepp, 1974)
  • Original Prologue, with Herbert Jhering, 1958
Kirikou and the Sorceress
This animated film exquisitely recounts the tale of tiny Kirikou born in an African village in which Karaba the Sorceress has placed a terrible curse. Kirikou sets out on a quest to free his village of the curse and find out the secret of why Karaba is so wicked.
The Red And The Black
Handsome and ambitious, Julien Sorel (Kim Rossi Stuart) is determined to rise above his humble peasant origins and make something of his life by adopting the code of hypocrisy by which his society operates. Driven by passion, principle or insanity, Julien ultimately commits a crime that brings about his downfall.…
Ca twiste a Poponguine (Rocking Poponguine)
Ca twiste a Poponguine is perhaps the most charming, fast-paced and accessible film in our Library of African Cinema collection. This bittersweet, coming of age story is a kind of African equivalent of George Lucas' American Graffiti, Spike Lee's Crooklyn or Godard's Masculin/Feminin. These Senegalese teenagers living it up on…
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Mysteries of Lisbon
A masterful adaptation of the eponymous nineteenth-century Portuguese novel (by Camilo Castelo Branco) evokes the complex intertwined narratives of Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens. The core story centers on Joao, the bastard child of an ill-fated romance between two members of the aristocracy who are forbidden to marry, and his…
Maurice Pialat: Love Exists - A Portrait of a French Filmmaker
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Code Unknown
On a bustling Paris streetcorner, four separate lives intersect, setting into motion a stunning film by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Haneke (The Piano Teacher, Funny Games), which has been called "the most intellectually stimulating and emotionally provocative piece of European cinema of recent times." (Sight and Sound). Carefully interweaving the stories…