Gone Like Dreams
Part of the Series: In Search of the Brontes

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The Brontes: Fantasy And Reality
Excerpts from journals, letters, poetry and prose enrich this narrative biography of Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronte. The program introduces the sisters' major works and illuminates their basic, recurrent themes. Samples of their own art-work, on-location photography of northern England, as well as prints, paintings and sketches portray the land…
A Wish for Wings
Part of the Series: In Search of the Brontes
The early life of Charlotte, Anne and Emily.Their parents - Patrick and Maria (nee Branwell) - have six children: five girls and one boy, born between 1813 and 1820. Patrick, a clergyman, is appointed the curate at Howarth in Yorkshire, where he spends the rest of his life, and where…
In Search of the Brontes
The story of three sisters, their precocious creativity, the scandalous reputations they sought to subvert and the mythical legacy they deliberately left behind. It is a story of alcoholism and illness, of thwarted passion and unrequited love, and of a 19th-century quest for fame. When people think of the Brontes,…
J. K. Rowling
Part of the Series: ICONS: Big Star Profiles
The adventures of that certain boy wizard, Harry Potter, were enough to propel J.K Rowling into millionaire status, but by 2007 the story that began it all came to an end. Rowling said goodbye to the series with the launch of the seventh book in the series, "Harry Potter and…
Author Julia Franck
The life story of Julia Franck is representative of the experience of millions of people in Germany of the last century. Her best-selling novel Die Mittagsfrau (English title, The Blind Side of the Heart) in drawing from her own family history struck a chord with the German public and sold…
Classroom Classics I
Part of the Series: Classroom Classics Collection
Identify major literary themes and see how characters and plots are developed. Program features dramatic clips from these popular classics: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank & A Separate Peace by John Knowles.
Ken Bugul: Nobody Wants Her - Portait of an Author
Ken Bugul is a Senegalese writer, who has settled in Africa, where her soul is anchored. Ken Bugul is style. Both in her works and in life. She is pure energy and has a passion for freedom. Novel after novel, she paints the picture of her life as a woman,…
In the Wake of the Flood - Author Margaret Atwood
On the eve of her 70th birthday, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood set out on an international tour criss-crossing the British Isles and North America to celebrate the publication of her new dystopian novel, The Year of the Flood. Rather than mount a traditional tour to promote a book's publication, Atwood…
Women of Mystery: Three Writers Who Forever Changed Detective Fiction
First we read Nancy Drew, girl detective. Then what? Women of Mystery explores the writing lives of three authors (Sara Paretsky, Sue Grafton & Marcia Muller) who started a literary revolution and, in the process, captured readers' imaginations around the world. With V.I. Warshawski, Kinsey Millhone and Sharon McCone, the…
First Novels
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
An interview with novelists Geoff Dyer and Deborah Levy.Topics Discussed in the Interview: Publishing a first novel The city and the dispossessedFrom non-fiction to fictionExile from South Africa
Howard Brenton with Donna Soto-Morettini
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: The theatre in Britain under Thatcher Differences between writing novels and plays Portraying a Utopia
William Boyd with Susan Richards
Part of the Series: Writers Talk Series
Topics Discussed in the Interview: Heroes and anti-heroes Impact of First World War on contemporary culture The war and the anti-war novel The realist tradition versus the modern Comic writing