Gorilla in the Midst Auditing to add value
Effective Auditors Don't Miss the Gorilla

Nicholas & Smith
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The Complete Auditor
This new "all in one" training program is essential viewing for all staff responsible for internal or external audits in safety health environment quality and risk. Following a real auditor in action in a real business situation, it builds a picture of the complete auditor: their traits, skills and audit…
The Power of Process Auditing - How to conduct a process audit
Management system audits are best met with a process or risk based audit rather than a simple checklist approach. Give your students and auditors the opportunity to take a 'fly on the wall' view of a real process audit in action. See how this auditor uncovers significant issues which could…
WatchIT Auditing Collection
A collection of films on auditing from WatchIT
Why Unclaimed Property Poses a Threat to You
Part of the Series: WatchIT Taxes Collection
Course Overview Unclaimed property has become increasingly critical to state governments, who view it as a viable way to raise revenues without increasing taxes. Jennifer Borden and William King, of Unclaimed Property Recovery & Reporting, emphasize why you need to be prepared for increased audits of your obligation to report,…
Would I Work For Me?
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
Trying to get the most out of the people you supervise, trying to get them to go that extra mile, isn't easy. But most employees will tell you that what affects their productivity more than anything else is their immediate supervisor. The video, "Would I Work For Me?" demonstrates a…
Running and Chairing Meetings
How many meeting minutes are wasted due to ineffective or untrained Chairs? Destructive arguments, poor attendee behaviour, lack of summarising and bad structure are the most common complaints people have given us as the result of poor chairing skills. Our research has shown that we can waste one day a…
The Invisible Meeting
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
As travel costs rise and budgets shrink, conference calls are rapidly replacing face-to-face meetings. Unfortunately, many people have not yet learned the skills needed to make this type of meeting effective. We have all participated in ineffective conference calls, wasting everyone's time and energy. Often participants don't take a conference…
Talk Isn't Cheap
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
Poor communication costs money. And it's not just money that's wasted; it's energy, enthusiasm for the job and relationships as well. In this age of empowerment and shared accountability for the bottom line, everyone must take responsibility for communicating clearly. This program demonstrates four practical, effective techniques for improving communication…
WatchIT Accounting Collection
A collection of films on best practice accounting methods and topical issues in accounting from WatchIT, including Controllers Roundtable: Key Accounting and Auditing Issue, New Guidance on Revenue Recognition: Now Arriving, Why It's Necessary to Keep Up with FASB's Agenda, Optimizing the Financial Close: What It Takes, Shared Services and…
Leadership BS - Fixing Workplaces One Truth at a Time
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Program Highlights
  • 35% of US employees would rather get their boss fired than receive a big raise.
  • More employees are actively sabotaging their employers than the few who are working hard.
  • Narcissism and dishonesty are common traits of our most highly respected leaders.
Why do leaders fail their…
Phone Skill Series
In today's day and age, every caller likes to feel that they are dealing with a highly skilled and professional organisation. In essentially every organisastion, the telephone is the first point of contact with the customer. How well we communicate on the telephone is crucial to the impression we leave…
Jack Zenger - The Inspiring Leader
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
What defines great leadership? Using original research on 360-degree feedback data for thousands of managers, Jack Zenger,with colleagues Joseph Folkman and Scott Edinger, identified 16 specific competencies the most effective leaders share. Of these, the ability to inspire and motivate others to high performance had the most significant, positive impact…