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Painted Nails - A Vietnamese Salon Worker Fights for Safe Cosmetics
It won't take long to fall in love with the subject of Painted Nails, Van Hoang, a Vietnamese nail salon owner who serves an ethnically diverse group of working class women with acrylic nails and intricate airbrush designs. Through the course of the film, Van unintentionally becomes a contemporary Norma…
Professional Clipper Cutting Techniques II
For quick precision, you can't beat clipper cutting. Veteran hair stylist and instructor, Gary Rallison, provides practical step-by-step instruction for clipper cutting... all free-hand without guards. Techniques include tapering, blending, razoring, razor cutting, working razor over comb, and cutting shear over comb on three models. Gary shows how to work…
Fundamental Hairstyling - Blow Drying
This programme looks at blow drying techniques.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Moulding and Waving
This programme looks at moulding and waving techniques.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Pin Curling
This training video demonstrates volume, indentation, flat and reverse pin curling technique. It shows how a variety of pin curls can be incorporated with roller replacement to create a hairstyle.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Roller Placement
This programme looks at roller placement techniques.
Fundamental Hairstyling - Thermal Styling
This programme looks at thermal styling techniques.
Clipper Cutting Techniques Collection
A four video collection featuring four Clipper Cutting Techniques, presented by veteran hair stylist and instructor, Gary Rallison and Mr. Charles McCoy, one of the most sought-after stylists in Hollywood.
Step-By-Step Makeup: Basics and Beyond
Celebrity makeup artist, Danessa Myricks, creates 15 looks on 6 models. First learn the basics, then master daytime and professional looks. Then pump up the volume and experiment with various eye shadow colors and textures. Includes skin preparation, foundation, brow grooming and shaping, contouring and shading, shaping and defining lips,…
How To Do Creative Braids 2
Following the worldwide success of How To Do Creative Braids comes the next instalment How To Do Creative Braids 2, where Sharon cranks up the ante with a whole new braiding collection of how to do more technical and complex braids in a new fun and creative way. Stylists will…
Beautiful Brides Contemporary Collection Series 2
Sharon Blain presents a fresh, young interpretation of bridal elegance. Combining High Fashion and a take on the latest Red Carpet styling, the contemporary collection is a strong fashion statement for the new season. The styles are created on various hair length: short, medium and very long. The simple to…
Jewel Collection
Discover how one simple 'twisting' technique is the foundation for six different styles in Sharon Blain's latest Jewel Collection. Learn the secret behind the hottest updo's for the season in simple, easy-to-follow step-by-steps. Sharon talks you through each of the six contemporary styles, showing you her secret tips and techniques…