Helmut Newton
Frames from the Edge

Arthaus Musik
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Images of Conflict - War Photography
We are bombarded on a daily basis by images of war, but there is a fine line between embedded coverage and propaganda. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the life of the war photographer worth? On the new battlefield the journalists and photographers are amongst the…
Isaac Newton: The Last Magician
Celebrated as the greatest scientific genius of all time, Isaac Newton is said to have rewritten the laws of nature after watching the legendary apple falling from a tree in his garden. Yet even though he was driven by rational thinking, experiments and observation, the man who laid the foundations…
Riviera Cocktail: Edward Quinn
No other photographer has captured the far-flung social and cultural life of the Cote d'Azur in the fifties with such intelligent verve and remarkably gentle irony as the Irishman Edward Quinn (1920 - 1997). For over a decade, Quinn showed a perfect blend of persistence and discretion in his daring…
Twin Lenses - Fashion Photographer Sisters
A feature documentary about the pioneering twin fashion photographers Frances McLaughlin Gill (the first woman photographer on the staff of Vogue) and Kathryn Abbe, now in their eighties, who were both married to famous photographers and worked in the glamorous world of fashion and editorial photography in NYC in the…
Wedding Through Camera Eyes - A Trilogy of Wedding Photography in Korea
"Honeymoon tour means nothing without photography" After viewing Wedding Through Camera Eyes, one has the sense that Korean weddings are held in order for the couples involved to create a fantasy of their relationship in video and in carefully constructed photo albums. Korean visual anthropologist, Kijung Lee, talks with three…
National Geographic Masters of Photography Course
The best way to learn any art form, including the art of photography, is by watching a master artist at work. Now, in National Geographic Masters of Photography--24 lectures taught by 12 top National Geographic photographers--you gain unparalleled access to some of the world's greatest photographers. Through our partnership with…
The Life and Work of Frank Hurley
Part of the Series: Great Explorers Series
"Frank Hurley's pictures bring an ill-fated Antarctic voyage back to life - absolutely first-rate photojournalism by a cameraman who had no reasonable expectation of survival." -Time Magazine "Photography within the Antarctic Circle is a challenge. Among the attractions are the huts built by the earliest explorers, legends such as Robert…
Berkeley in the Sixties
Six years in the making and with a cast of thousands, Berkeley in the Sixties recaptures the exhilaration and turmoil of the unprecedented student protests that shaped a generation and changed the course of America. Many consider it to be the best filmic treatment of the 1960s yet made. This…
Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics: Part IV
Concepts Covered:
  • Fundamental Forces: Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong, and Weak Forces (Computer Animation)
  • Mass and Weight: Weightlessness during Free-fall
  • Newton's 2nd Law: Force and Acceleration of a Rocket Powered Car
  • Newton's 3rd Law: Action-Reaction Forces of a Liquid Nitrogen Cannon
  • Newton's 2nd and 3rd Laws: Helicopter Dynamics
  • Force Components: Perpendicular…
Fundamentals of Photography Course
With Fundamentals of Photography, you'll learn everything you need to know about the art and craft of great photography straight from Joel Sartore, a National Geographer photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Designed for people at all levels, these 24 episodes are an engaging guide to how photographs…
Exposing Homelessness
Exposing Homelessness is a film that documents the experience of three formerly homeless women who participated in a three-month photography workshop. They were given 35mm cameras and instructed in the art of black and white photography. Drawing from their personal experiences they were asked to use photography to express their…
Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics: Part II
Concepts Covered:
  • Newton's 1st Law: Rest Inertia of Massive Ball
  • Newton's 2nd Law: Effects of a Varied Net Force on a Body's Motion
  • Newton's 3rd Law: Reaction Cart/Projected Ball Bearings
  • Terminal Velocity: Air Resistance Acting on a Free-Falling Body (Stroboscopic Photography)
  • Motion of Center of Mass: System with Internally…