Her Third
Der Dritte

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Her Third
'Her Third' is part of a series of films from DEFA Film Library. After having two children with two different men, a newly single and liberated Margit discovers herself. Her…
Interview with Scriptwriter Günther Rücker on Her Third
'Interview with Scriptwriter Gunther Rucker on Her Third' is part of a series of films from DEFA Film Library. After having two children with two different men, a newly single…
'Sylvia' is part of a series of films from DEFA Film Library. After having two children with two different men, a newly single and liberated Margit discovers herself. Her entertaining…

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A somewhat somber and just a bit quirky look at what life must have been like in East Germany before the fall of the wall. I was reminded by this movie that despite the fact that the military and political leaders in the Soviet Union were all men, women were allowed WAY more freedom than the ...Read more

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