Hidden Clues in Vocal Tones

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Practice Your Delivery - Patrick Henry
Part of the Series: The Art of Public Speaking
Key to effective speaking is using your voice and body to reinforce your meaning. Using examples from Patrick Henry, Oliver Cromwell, Winston Churchill, and others, learn how the power of a speech lies not so much in words as in vocal and physical elements like tone, pitch, facial expression, and…
Understanding Nonverbal Communication
Vocal tone and pitch. Posture. Eye contact and blinking. Gestures. Gait. Body type and clothing choices. How much of our communication is nonverbal? In Understanding Nonverbal Communication, you'll discover that nonverbal communication is less intentional and harder to control than the words you choose to speak. Because you are less…
Interpreting Nonverbal Communication
How good are we at reading people? Can we train ourselves to be better at this skill, or is it an inherent ability? This lecture explores a number of studies that measure the ability to read facial expressions, voice and tone, and body language. Get some tips for improving your…
The Science of Nonverbal Communication
Learn about the popular, and often incorrectly referenced, study from the 1960s that opened the door to the modern study of nonverbal communication. Understand why nonverbal communication matters so much, and learn how it interacts with verbal communication to reemphasize or deemphasize the message.
Voice Skill Techniques - with Vocal Coach Eric Vetro
Part of the Series: Skills For Actors Collection
Reach your full career potential by developing an exciting voice! Develop your speaking and singing voice to it's maximum potential with this easy to use step-by-step program taught by acclaimed voice teacher and vocal coach Eric Vetro. Discover the secrets to creating a commanding and powerful voice. Lean superior breath…
Non Verbal Communication
Looks at the impact of body language, the pitch and tone of our voice as well as first impressions.
Cues from Gestures and Gait
Body language communicates many things, and often contradicts messages that our words convey. Divide the body into the areas that send the clearest signals about your intent to better understand how to use your posture and gestures to communicate. Explore how the position of your hands and head, your gait…
So HELP Me - Supervisor Edition
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
How do supervisors affect customer service? We all know that frontline service people directly impact customer satisfaction. But we don't often look at how much a supervisor's behavior influences the service a customer ultimately receives. "So HELP Me" (Supervisor Edition) takes a fresh look at customer service by showing the…
Advanced Voice Skill Techniques - with Vocal Coach Eric Vetro
Part of the Series: Skills For Actors Collection
Eric Vetro shares the techniques and vocal exercises he uses with his all-star clientele in Hollywood and on Broadway. This program teaches how to maximize your voice's flexibility and endurance, expand your vocal and dynamic ranges to their maximum capacity and how to dazzle your audience with a captivating style…
Achieving IT and Business Alignment
Part of the Series: IT Project Management Collection
Whether generated by musical instruments or the human voice, harmonies deliver a melodic blend of tones that are most pleasing to the human ear. Now, to draw a quick parallel between music, business and IT, you could say that when enterprise IT and business are aligned, it creates a state…
Talk Isn't Cheap
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection
Poor communication costs money. And it's not just money that's wasted; it's energy, enthusiasm for the job and relationships as well. In this age of empowerment and shared accountability for the bottom line, everyone must take responsibility for communicating clearly. This program demonstrates four practical, effective techniques for improving communication…
Phone Skill Series
In today's day and age, every caller likes to feel that they are dealing with a highly skilled and professional organisation. In essentially every organisastion, the telephone is the first point of contact with the customer. How well we communicate on the telephone is crucial to the impression we leave…