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Yapei A H

Inspirational, to the point, easy to understand. Love the "Put the fish on the table" metaphor.

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What kind of leadership is needed when innovation is your competitive advantage? From her research on companies that have achieved breakthrough innovations, Professor Hill found a common leadership approach. Leaders at Pixar, eBay Germany, Google, HCL Technologies, and IBM, among others, build communities of people who are both "willing and…
Sustained Improvement in Working Capital: Your Challenge
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Getting (More of) What You Want - Negotiating Deals Big and Small
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  • Negotiations as collaborative events.
  • Three negotiating tools that are almost never used to their potential.
  • The surprising advantage gained by focusing your counterpart's attention on his or her alternatives.
A negotiation is not a battle. That's how Professors Neale and Lys begin this presentation, explaining that…
Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do With It? 2nd Edition
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Has your organization lost trust in its leaders? Precisely when organizations need employee involvement, trust levels are low and people are disengaged. What can managers and team leaders do to regain trust? This video provides realistic methods for rebuilding trust and gaining employee involvement. "Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do…
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Jack Zenger - The Inspiring Leader
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What defines great leadership? Using original research on 360-degree feedback data for thousands of managers, Jack Zenger,with colleagues Joseph Folkman and Scott Edinger, identified 16 specific competencies the most effective leaders share. Of these, the ability to inspire and motivate others to high performance had the most significant, positive impact…
Negotiation - Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies by Margaret Neale
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  • What is your biggest source of power in any negotiation?
  • How to redraw the boundaries of a negotiation in your favour?
  • How focusing on the upside improves your deal.
It's better to receive the first offer than to give it. Honesty is the best negotiating policy.…
Leadership BS - Fixing Workplaces One Truth at a Time
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  • 35% of US employees would rather get their boss fired than receive a big raise.
  • More employees are actively sabotaging their employers than the few who are working hard.
  • Narcissism and dishonesty are common traits of our most highly respected leaders.
Why do leaders fail their…
Teamwork: What's Trust Got To Do With It?
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Have you ever been on a team where you couldn't seem to get anything done? Or the team members just couldn't work together? It is quite possible that the team members did not trust one another; lack of trust is one of the main impediments to effective team-work. This video…
In the Line of Duty Volume 1
12 Installments including Georgia State Trooper, Large Vehicle Hijacking/Pursuit/Lethal Force, Grateful Dead Concert Negotiation, Trooper Coates Shooting, Irate Motorist, Gun-Wielding Woman, Idaho High-Speed Pursuit, Idaho Pursuit Follow-Up, Jack-in-The-Box, Flea Market Shooting, Safeway Store Hostage, and Hostage-Taker Interview.
Managing Me
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As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. So...how do you react? Do you lead with your gut...or your head? This is the dilemma that the host of "Managing Me" grapples with. When problems arise at work, he can choose to react with either impulse or reason. As each…