Hire for Attitude
Part of the Series: Business Skills Collection

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Do I Know You? - Prospective New Employees
From defining key job requirements to properly conducting interviews and making successful hiring decisions, this program offers useful insights and practical skills that teach you to ask the single most important question about prospective new employees: Do I Know You? There are three simple steps you can follow to help…
Right Attitude, Right Results (Mindsets and Belief Systems)
An ambitious employee knows that learning business skills leads to economic prosperity. A practical employee accepts every opportunity to demonstrate their talent and worth. A sensitive employee is respectful of other people's privacy, lifestyle, ethnic origin, physical space and belongings. So what happens when a talented person is hired but…
What Drives Phenomenal Success? by Colleen Barrett
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Southwest Airlines started with a simple idea, and managed to stick with it through decades of unprecedented growth. According to Colleen Barrett, customers return because they like the experience and they like the way they are treated. And how do you keep them satisfied? By keeping your employees satisfied. Barrett…
Hiring a Professional Editor
Episode 15 of How to Publish Your Book
Explore the different stages of writing and reviewing, examine the different types of editing you can consider, and learn what an editor can and can't do to make your work publishable. Then, find out the three reasons you may consider hiring a professional to review your work.
Asperger Syndrome at Work - Success Strategies for Job Seekers and Employees
Employees who have Asperger Syndrome (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder - Level 1) and their supervisors, co-workers and job coaches reveal their secrets to getting and keeping a job. The program covers job coaching, personal assessments, choosing careers based on interests and strengths, applying, interviewing, disclosure, supports, accommodations, interacting…
Happiness Matters - With Tony Hsieh
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Program Highlights
  • Creative ways to align your organization around your core values.
  • The "wow effect" as a marketing strategy.
  • If you inspire employees, motivation takes care of itself.
Can you build a business model around happiness? If you can deliver happiness to customers through exceptional customer service, from…
CQ Global Business Video Series - Cross-Cultural Awareness
The CultureQuest Business series is intended to equip global professionals, public sector employees, educators, and students with the essential and comprehensive cross-cultural knowledge and skills needed to understand and succeed in the complex global business arena. CQ Business provides a unique resource to supplement courses in business and management studies.…
Fun is Good - Having a Positive Attitude
Fun Is Good features the Saint Paul Saints, an exceptionally unique and successful minor league baseball team. Yet, this program is about much more than baseball. It's about understanding how having a positive attitude and finding passion can help us overcome challenges and make our work environments more productive, more…
How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results - With Ordinary People by Charles O'Reilly III
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
How can corporations get the most out of their employees? Charles O'Reilly challenges the prevailing wisdom that companies must chase and acquire top talent in order to remain successful. He argues that companies need to abandon the obsession with hiring highpriced stars, and instead motivate ordinary people to build a…
Phone Skill Series
In today's day and age, every caller likes to feel that they are dealing with a highly skilled and professional organisation. In essentially every organisastion, the telephone is the first point of contact with the customer. How well we communicate on the telephone is crucial to the impression we leave…
Doing Business in Brazil
To compete in South America's largest market, you need proper training; failure to prepare can lead to damaged relationships and lost business. An essential tool is Big World Media's popular video, Doing Business in Brazil culture training program. Business culture in Brazil is probably quite different from your own. The…
The Innovation Engine - With Tina Seelig
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Why do we need creativity? The world is full of daunting problems, and so are our workplaces. We need solutions. While the scientific method we all learned in school has value for discovery, a similar process for invention is not widely taught--yet is a critical component of true innovation. Dr.…