How Clothing Is Made

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Jobs in Clothing, Textiles & Fashion: Career Compass
Part of the Series: Career Compass
Many different people work in clothing and fashion - and they're not all cut from the same cloth! Each professional plays a very different role in transforming a piece of fabric into a garment or the inspiration for a fashion publication. Explore the world of a clothing designer, fashion journalist…
How The World Dresses: Clothing and Global Culture
Join us for a video tour of how the world dresses and explore the amazing diversity of clothing worldwide. Learn about ourselves by exploring everyday clothing in Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, and others. Open your clothing and fashion courses to embrace the whole world with this important new…
Reading Blue Jeans: Clothing And Culture
Inscribed on every pair of jeans is the story of how a workmen's garment became one of the most universal fashions of the world. This program speaks about the interaction of culture and clothing and offers clues to who we are today because of it. Who invented jeans, and why…
Why We Wear Clothes: The Functions of Fashion
As a tool of the individual and of culture, clothing has meaning. In this program, students explore the functional, social, and psychological aspects of clothing. Viewers learn how clothing provides more than just protection from the elements; it offers comfort, helps us to fit in with our peer group, and…
Career Compass
Explore careers in child development, clothing & textiles, food & nutrition, and housing & interior design with this brand new series!
Color In Everyday Life
Color is a power in your life. It shapes how you dress, what you eat, your physical appearance, the rooms you live in, and how you feel. What is color and why does it pack such power? Explore the power and magic of color: * Color is the most powerful…
Why Shirts Have Buttons: The Origins of Clothing
Many histories of clothing give a century-by-century account of what people wore. We have a better idea start with what we wear right now and trace it back to its often fascinating and entertaining beginnings. Discover: Why shoelaces were once a political statement, how military technology influenced men's fashions, how…
No Sweat - Lifting the Label Behind the “Sweatshop-Free” Movement
An all-American tale about an all-American garment: The T-shirt. NO SWEAT takes a wild ride into the bowels of Los Angeles garment industry. Mostly undocumented workers at American Apparel and SweatX are offered better wages, benefits, even a shot at worker-ownership. But what is really behind the label? Dark, dingy…
Effective Resumes & Job Applications
Learn: how to write an effective resume that stands above the crowd, how electronic and printed resumes differ and how to answer difficult in interviews and on job applications. (Learning Seed, USA)
Clothing Fibres
A Clothing & Textiles 101 overview of the elements of fabric, this curriculum-based program introduces students to the basic differences between natural and synthetic fibres, the primary types of fibers, and how their qualities - from shape and origin to size and luster - make them unique, influence clothing appearance…
Disability Awareness
This is not a program ABOUT people with disabilities, it is about communicating with and relating to people. When you see someone who is paralyzed, unable to hear or speak, or unable to see, how do you react? Pity? Discomfort? Your reactions influence your ability to communicate. (Learning Seed, USA)
Theories Of Development II
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Why do early child educators and parents need to understand the educational theories of philosophers from three hundred years ago? Viewers will learn theories that will give them a foundation to build their own philosophy of education. Create your own personalized educational practice: learn the theories of John Locke, who…