HR Strategy and Management Series

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HR Strategy and Management Series
Peter Wallbridge explains the life cycle of employees from recruitment to exit. * HR fundamentals * HR strategy * The HR lifecycle * The employment value proposition * Recruitment &…
HR Dashboard of Metrics and Analytics
Critical information about the people issues in business from Peter Wallbridge: * The value of the HR dashboard * Staff numbers * Staff turnover * Performance assessment data * Demographic…
Managing Recruitment Effectively
Peter Wallbridge explains how to prepare for and manage recruitment like a star: * Craft the position description * Refine the business story * Target the advertising * Use top…
Implementing Successful Training
Sadhana Smiles explains a systematic approach to training * Understand the business needs & skill gaps: * Design a training program * A blended learning approach * Engage & enthuse…
Reward and Remuneration
Peter Wallbridge explains the importance of ensuring fair and thorough strategy and policies: * Clarify principles & policy * Investigate competitive marketplace * Know your capacity to pay * What…
Performance Appraisals
Peter Wallbridge explains how we must ensure appraisals are conducted with best outcomes: * Ongoing development culture * Plan & agree on goals o KRAs: Key Result Areas o KPIs:…
Confidentiality Obligations by HR
Peter Walbridge provides an understanding confidentiality expectations: * The challenge of confidentiality * Personnel data & confidentiality * The expectation of confidentiality * Confidentiality obligations in employment contracts * Implement…
The Induction Promise
Peter Wallbridge questions the consistency of managers when they talk to new recruits: * Promises made during recruitment * Ten managers ... ten promises * Managers must present a consistent…

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Leadership and Management
Key Topics
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Autocratic Managers
  • Democratic Managers
  • Laissez-Faire Managers
  • Paternalistic Managers
  • Theory X And Y Managers
What's the difference between a leader and a manager? What kinds of managers are there? What are the problems of managing in the real world?
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