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Maya Lyn seems like such a creative person, in terms of how she implicates her designs. She not only wants to incorporate art, into this center but also science. A lot of times many people think of those two subjects as being very different and its refreshing to see an artist bring those ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I really liked the segment with Maya Lyn. She really seems to be and artist/sculptor who's really into astrology and geography. It's interesting that she was able to create an ice ring that looks like a sculpture of a constellation of stars. She also seems to study a lot of geographical parts ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Yazmin Castillo

I've previously watched this specific segment on Maya Lin back in High School and what stuck from this segment was the ice ring that had lights embedded at the bottom of the ice ring to represent the stars. Her artwork has always stricken me as simple yet complex when it comes to the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I agree completely! There was something so beautiful to the simplicity.

Anonymous picture
Nicole Summer

Watching this video on Maya Lin was extremely interesting and very fun to watch. I loved learning about who she was and the forms of art that she produced as well as the way that she worked on her art. She seemed very involved and meticulous when it came to her work and it made me appreciate ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Jennifer T

I enjoyed watching the video on Maya Lin. She does art on such a large scale and so much thought and creativity goes inside. I love how she took a concrete, boring, skating rink and turned it into a pool of water reflecting the night sky. She expanded the small space and made it look ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Jorhdan N

It was really interesting to see the different forms of art that are all around us in our everyday lives. it is amazing how a single artist can transform something that was once considered a throw away lot, into an interactive work of art. -Jorhdan

Anonymous picture

I was so surprised at how much work is put into art. I hadn't realized about all the thinking process and how the artist takes into account all the surroundings. It's amazing they can see all of that in their minds. I loved what she did with the lights in the skating ring. Terrie

Anonymous picture

I was really interested in the atlases she was cutting up into layers for something she was planning. I does seem like there are a lot of hours that goes into the creation, planning and execution of an art project. I'm just curious about how they are making money to support themselves in ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Misty Lea

What I like most about Maya Lin’s art and architecture is how it blends into the landscape without disturbing it. I never knew that the scale of the Vietnam War Memorial follows the scale of the war. It begins slowly, with no one really noticing it, then builds to a crescendo, and ends on a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I didn't either but i found it super interesting as well.

Anonymous picture
Sarah Klapka

I enjoyed learning about Maya Lin and how she views art. Her visions are very unique and she knows what she wants. She is excellent at planning, and then making her vision come to life. My favorite work of her's in the video would have to be the ice skating pond with lights. At night it ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I would love to see the finished product of the ice skating rink. The fog would be an interesting touch. It is amazing that she started as an artist, but has had to take on the knowledge of an architect as well for her projects. Misty Lea, FIU

Anonymous picture
Joanna Belz

The segment about Maya Lin was very interesting because she had to have a vision and just follow it through without know for sure if it'll be beautiful. I also found that the drop of water that is considered an inspiration was just breathtaking. Maya connected all these small details to ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Luis Morales

Maya Lin segment is impressive how she talks about her inspiration toward creating such large and beautiful pieces of art. It is interesting she explains how the initial idea is the foundation but she keeps adding different ideas that come into mind during the process. Like the Ice skating ...Read more

Anonymous picture

These artists are so iconic in this time, and this is a great exploration of their identities, and how they address their own work. It is so wonderful to see well-known pieces being explained by their creators, and to listen to artists address their audiences in such a thoughtful way. ...Read more

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