The Illusionists
The Globalization of Beauty

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The Illusionists
'The Illusionists - Feature Length' is part of a series of films from Media Education Foundation. The Illusionists examines how global advertising firms, mass media conglomerates, and the beauty, fashion,…
The Illusionists - Abridged Version
'The Illusionists - Educational Length' is part of a series of films from Media Education Foundation. The Illusionists examines how global advertising firms, mass media conglomerates, and the beauty, fashion,…

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Anonymous picture

That old guy showing the progression of the Ken doll is wrong. People ARE bigger & stronger now. You don't see that wimpy 70s body anymore. We're designed to MOVE & have muscles. I think athletic bodies are way better looking.

Anonymous picture

So glad to know that now I can NEVER be perfect! LOL
51 yrs. of exercise, nutrition, surgeries etc. & still not there but super fit & healthy.
I just never look at advertisements because I KNOW I don't measure up.
Also not a huge consumer, can't afford it & ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I have actually seen this film before taking this class and the one thing I always
remembered was the difference in the color of skin women want depending on where they live.
This time around watching it it brought chills to my body thinking about the fact that women
are so ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I had never realized how much I was blindsided or brainwashed from all that consumers advertise. This video had so much information that I could directly relate too. From the way women are expected to look and feel as well as how women themselves fall prey to all that we see around us and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This film made me realize that even I have fell victim to the medias tactics to make women feel like they aren't enough. I believe that if we do use the power of the media for good we will be able to make a difference in the way women see themselves and we should continue to push positivity ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video made me sad for the women of today's world and for the women of the future. While the media is putting out unrealistic ideas of what women should look like day in and day out, it is heartbreaking to know that women in our world will do anything to look the way society tells them to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This video gave me a more clear picture of what it is companies are doing in order to sell their products and also the lengths people will go to in order to have the "ideal body".

Anonymous picture

This video provided a very accurate depiction of the ideals that society puts on both us women and men. The truth that the sadder you are the more money that companies make was hard to hear but undeniably true. This film is worth seeing due to its content.

Anonymous picture
M @St Johns University

I've incorporated this video into our studies of Mass Media and Advertising. It never fails to surprise me about the lack of awareness on the part of my students how advertising shapes their view of the world.
A film of this quality is a more valuable teaching tool than any lecture

Anonymous picture

Very accurate! Every school should show this to children until the media stops portraying women like this

Anonymous picture

I love this video! I just wish it was made more accessible for those without a streaming service, this message deserves to be louder.

Anonymous picture

worth watching!

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