You’re Graduating: Now What?
Independent Living for Young Adults

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Independent Living for Young Adults - Life Skills Series
A four-part series for young adults who are looking to be successful. These videos include tips and advice on how to live your life after graduation and beyond.
Moving On With Your Life - Independent Living for Young Adults
It's common today for young adults to stay at home longer in life. Understandably you're parents love you and want to help, but with their help comes a level of control. To become truly independent it will be necessary to break the financial ties with your parents, and that can…
Tell Me How Career Series – Career Opportunities For Young People
The Tell Me How Career Series is a useful tool for children and young adults to visualize a path for themselves when thinking about a future career. Careers highlighted in this collection include everything from a rodeo rider to a business executive.
Me And My New Brain - Coping With A Traumatic Brain Injury
A remarkable programme that reveals what it's like to suffer and then try to live with the most common hidden disability to affect young adults - traumatic brain injury. Exploring its devastating impact on lives, careers and relationships, Charlie Elmore highlights how society treats young adults who are dealing with…
The Working World for Young Adults - Life Skills Series
This latest series designed especially for young adults deals with the all important world of work. Today's young workers will need to be even more dedicated to successfully compete in a global marketplace. Poor work ethics, a careless regard for customer satisfaction and lack of a commitment to the job…
Financial Fitness: Identity Theft: Protecting Your Identity
This comprehensive program for young adults provides all the information necessary for protecting yourself from identity theft. The well-aimed message includes a step by step explanation of the problem, the possible defenses, and important solutions for keeping your personal identity protected.
Career Transitions
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
This video is a step-by-step program to help you determine the best career for you. If you are coming out of the military, a graduating student, or someone who has already started an occupation, this lesson can help you find a satisfying career.
Assessing Children's Mental Health
A practicing clinician's summary of the process involved in the assessment of children and young adults.
Websex - What's the Harm?
Candid on camera Would you show yourself naked, on video camera, to a complete stranger or someone you know? Or, in the latest development, live on your mobile phone? Thousands of teenagers and young adults do this regularly, and for most, it's one of the highlights of their week. Websites…
Parenthood: Early Adulthood
Parenthood is both rewarding and challenging. How do young adults adjust to these responsibilities? What are the common myths and misconceptions our society holds about parenting, and what are the truths? And what about the concerns and needs of those who are step-, foster or adoptive parents? We address all…
Expanding Gender - Youth Out Front
These four short documentaries explore the varied identities of trans and gender expansive youth and young adults. In Tomgirl we meet Jake, a confident and lovable gender expansive seven-year-old who invites us into his world of hockey playing and skirt wearing to explore the transformative power of love and support…
Work Ethic: A Commitment to Work
In this well aimed program for young adults, beginning wage earners learn the importance of a strong work ethic and how it relates to their success as they embark on their working careers. Real world location settings that highlight active young workers supported with expert commentaries help reinforce the concepts.