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Induction Series - An Introduction
A general easy to follow overview of the importance of workplace health and safety.
Induction Series - Confined Space Safety
Explains what is a confined space & provides general guidelines for safe confined space work.
Induction Series - Emergency Procedures
Discusses what new employees who start in a new workplace need to be informed of.
Induction Series - Fire Safety
Includes typical causes of workplace fires & fire prevention strategies.
Induction Series - Hand Held Power Tools
Includes employee responsibilities of when using power tools & common injuries that can occur.
Induction Series - Infection Control
Identifies workers at risk of infection and ways to minimise the risk in the workplace.
Induction Series - Manual Handling
Discusses employee & employer responsibility and how to prevent manual handling injury
Induction Series - PPE
Takes a look at the various types of PPE, the importance of keeping it properly maintained & when it should be worn.
Induction Series - Slips, Trips & Falls
Provides some simple practices to control & reduce the risk of a slip, trip or fall hazard.
Induction Series - Drugs and Alcohol
Discusses work related problems caused by drug & alcohol abuse and employee responsibilities.
Induction Series - Electrical Safety
Explains causes of electrical accidents & includes some simple rules for working with electricity.
Induction Series - Eye Safety
Explains the importance of using various eye protection in different working environments.
Induction Series - Hearing Conservation
Explains importance of reducing exposure to excessive noise & types of hearing protection to use.
Induction Series - Forklift Safety
Identifies hazards & discusses how fork lift operators should make regular safety checks.
Induction Series - Hazardous Substances
Explains what is classified as a chemical, various forms & what to know when using chemicals in the workplace.
Induction Series - Machinery Safety
Discusses benefits of machinery guarding & what should be worn when with machinery.
Induction Series - Moving Vehicles
This program features how to avoid possible pedestrian hazards in the workplace & driver fatigue.
Induction Series - Skin Cancer
Discusses how to recognise early signs of skin cancer & the different ways to reduce risk.
Induction Series - Working at Heights
Tips for using ladders and working with scaffolding as well as guidelines for working on roofs.
Induction Series - Lifting & Carrying
Nine simple rules for the correct approach to lifting & carrying objects in the workplace.
Induction Series - Ergonomics in the Office
Highlights how pain is caused by poor ergonomics & provides simple guidelines for setting up an office.

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