Induction Series - Ergonomics in the Office
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Highly engaging safety training videos.
Induction Series - Workplace Safety Training
Includes 36 safety training and induction video topics. Includes all the latest WHS legislation and terminology. Ideal for new staff inductions, toolbox meetings, or refresher training.
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Explains what is a confined space & provides general guidelines for safe confined space work.
Physics Demonstrations in Electricity & Magnetism: Part III
Concepts Covered: Magnetic Fields: Mapping of Force Field Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's Law Electromagnetic Induction: Lenz's Law Electromagnetic Effects: Force on an Electron Beam Electromagnetic Effects: Forces on Current Carrying Wire Electromagnetic Effects: Magnetic Forces on Moving Charge Induction Application: Voltage Transformer Eddy Currents: Force Acting on a Moving Conductor
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This food safety training program provides a comprehensive, yet easy top understand guide to the food laws and safe food handling practices.
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The Christinaki looks at the loss of this 26,000-ton ship in the Atlantic, and highlights the problem of who takes responsibility for maintaining the sea-worthiness of merchant shipping. The Christinaki is part of the BBC series, Disaster - series 2, a series of instructional videos on the importance of health…
A demonstration program which shows in detail the procedure and techniques used to complete a "Virgin Head" bleach and "Retouch" bleaching. The "Virgin Head" bleach shows two techniques applied to the same model --"Roots to Tips" and "Heat Bond to Tips". The program includes guidelines to product selection and advice…
Office Safety
Viewers will be aware of the potential hazards in the office environment. Interactive pause breaks encourages the identification of safety risks and workable solutions.
A Japanese Tragedy
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A Japanese Tragedy looks at when a JAL Boeing 747 crashed in to the Japanese Alps. 520 people died. In August 1985, Japan Air Flight 123 crashed into the side of a mountain North West of Tokyo. It was the largest single aircraft fatality in history. A poor repair was…
Managing the Learning Environment - Succeeding as a Teacher
Naturally, lesson plans are important, but what about educational ergonomics? Like adults, kids work and learn best when they're comfortable physically, mentally and emotionally. Find out how to design a calm and creative environment that's conducive to passing knowledge along and for picking it up. Discover how to best vary…
Induction Series
21 induction video topics on OHS training. These short toolbox style induction videos are used in 100s of Australian companies - big and small - you are making a great choice.