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Induction Series - Machinery Safety
Part of the Series: Induction Series
Discusses benefits of machinery guarding & what should be worn when with machinery.
The Christinaki
Part of the Series: Disaster Series Two
The Christinaki looks at the loss of this 26,000-ton ship in the Atlantic, and highlights the problem of who takes responsibility for maintaining the sea-worthiness of merchant shipping. The Christinaki is part of the BBC series, Disaster - series 2, a series of instructional videos on the importance of health…
Induction Series - Workplace Safety Training
Includes 36 safety training and induction video topics. Includes all the latest WHS legislation and terminology. Ideal for new staff inductions, toolbox meetings, or refresher training.
Physics Demonstrations in Electricity & Magnetism: Part III
Concepts Covered: Magnetic Fields: Mapping of Force Field Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's Law Electromagnetic Induction: Lenz's Law Electromagnetic Effects: Force on an Electron Beam Electromagnetic Effects: Forces on Current Carrying Wire Electromagnetic Effects: Magnetic Forces on Moving Charge Induction Application: Voltage Transformer Eddy Currents: Force Acting on a Moving Conductor
Induction Series - Hearing Conservation
Part of the Series: Induction Series
Explains importance of reducing exposure to excessive noise & types of hearing protection to use.
Induction Series - An Introduction
Part of the Series: Induction Series
A general easy to follow overview of the importance of workplace health and safety.
Induction Series
21 induction video topics on OHS training. These short toolbox style induction videos are used in 100s of Australian companies - big and small - you are making a great choice.
Haircutting - Uniformly Layered
This demonstration will show a popular style that can be worn in forward, textured styles, slicked back or permed curly effects. The uniformly layered cut is demonstrated on a mannequin.
The Art of Grilling
Start your course with the basics of grilling: choosing wood, cleaning the grill, tools of the trade, and a few lessons in food safety. Then try your hand at three simple recipes--two types of steak and a grilled salad--to get a feel for cooking over live fire. This first lesson…
Fire Control
Examines the various classes of fire and how to identify the various types of extinguishers Includes tips for minimising fire in the workplace.
Flatbreads and Pizza on the Grill
Delve deeper into cooking with different types of charcoal. Here, you'll find out how to make different types of bread recipes on the grill, including a delicious bruschetta and a savory crostini. Then turn to homemade pizza dough and various sauces and toppings. Plus, see how to use leftover breads…
Taking Control of Tests
In this episode, students find out what it takes to perform at their best when the stakes are high: taking tests. They'll learn how to prepare themselves for various types of tests, focus their studying on what they need to know, combat test anxiety, attack tests with a clear strategy,…