Inside A Factory 7: Brompton Bicycle

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The Marketing Series 2: The 4 P's and Beyond
The four P's of the marketing mix - product, promotion, price and place - are still seen as the basis of marketing - but how relevant are they today? Using case studies of companies large and small this film explains and explores each of the Ps. PRODUCT: Brompton Bicycle is…
Accounting and Finance Clips 2: Sources Of Finance
Key Topics
  • Sources Of Finance
  • Internal v External Finance
  • Ownership
  • Start-up Capital
  • Investors
Inside A Factory 5: The PCB
A printed circuit board is the electronic heart of the electrical products we use. But how is one made? This film follows a PCB for a DVD player through every stage of the production process in manufacturer Connor Solutions. CAD: It all starts with an electronic engineer, who designs the…
Inside A Factory 2: Cadbury's
This is the story of how Cadbury's makes a chocolate bar. TV personality Alison Hammond takes us around their famous factory and explains the systems that underpin the process. QUALITY CONTROL: The process begins with the raw materials - beans brought from Ghana. Quality control and process control systems are…
Power to the Pedals - Bike Culture
This documentary portrays the transformative vision and extraordinary efforts of Wenzday Jane, a young woman whose mechanical skills and innovative actions are reshaping her community. Wenzday Jane goes to the heart of the sustainability issue by offering practical economic solutions, and suggests that things don't have to be the way…
Cycling Shorts - Short Documentaries About Bicycles
What is bicycle culture? It's what you make of it. Anything can happen: Activists educate the policymakers. Bureaucrats create whimsical public art. Strangers help each other move house by bike. Corporations turn their drive-thrus into bike thrus. Joe Biel's short movies explore all these phenomena and more as he follows…
Bike Making
Part of the Series: Curiosity Quest
Join Joel on this sporty quest as he learns how BMX Bikes are made with Fit Bikes. Put your math skills to use for this intricate journey through the bike making world.
Inside A Factory 3: The Crisp Makers
Walkers and Tyrrells both make the same basic thing - crisps - but in very different ways. Walkers is the biggest crisp-maker in the country. Tyrrells is tiny by comparison. But success for both depend on how their crisps are made - on what happens inside the factory. RAW MATERIALS:…
To the Moon - A Cross Country Bike Ride for Change
Eighteen college students bicycle from California to Massachusetts in order to spread awareness about cooperatives, a business model they believe to be a solution to the volatile global economy. They confront frustrating realities while discovering their place in the world, and the results are at once chaotic, enlightening, and unforgettable.…
Financial Decisions 3
Part of the Series: Accounting and Finance Collection
Blakeway boss Stephen Maynard is fighting for profits in the highly competitive world of printed circuit board manufacturing. Dramatised scenarios illustrate the company's problems - the viewer is invited to consider solutions. WE'RE NOT A CHARITY Blakeway has two factories and one of these, its Lake End plant, is underperforming.…
How A Business Works
What makes a company tick? This video explains basic business functions inside Cameron Balloons, the world's largest maker of hot air balloons. Marketing: Like all firms, Cameron has to market its balloons. Specialist publications, "word of mouth" and the internet are vital parts of its "marketing mix". Production: We show…
Systems In A Factory
This film looks at the key systems used in a factory. It focuses on two case studies: the Glaxo Smith Kline toothpaste factory and plastic injection moulding company, Time RPS. How do they compare? TYPES OF PRODUCTION: GSK is an example of continuous flow production: they make a million tubes…