The Inspiration Series: The Dynamics of Couples

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Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou
Total opposites eventually attract in this animated and action-packed romantic comedy of errors set in San Francisco.
An absurd but touching look at relationships, this short film looks at what happens when the upper and lower halves of man's body break up and separate.
John Lewis: Monty's Christmas
This short tale starring a boy and his penguin speaks volumes about the nature of true friendship.
Audi: Duel
A pair of co-workers push the boundaries of workplace competition to the extreme in this battle to drive the car of their dreams.
Airbnb: Wall and Chain
The touching story of how a daughter helps her father to free himself from a dark and haunted past.
Phantom Limb
After his girlfriend looses her arm in a motorcycle crash in which he was driving, a young man is haunted by her phantom limb.
NSPCC: Pete's Story
The harrowing story of a young boy and the abuse he suffered throughout his childhood at the hands of his mother.
Modern Love: A Kiss Deferred
The heart warming true story of a childhood crush extinguished by war and then reignited 16 years later.
Cruisr: All Over
A stream of notable film romances, from the iconic to the obscure, represented through bold, colorful, animated vignettes, interspersed with illustrative typography and lyric-related visual metaphors.
This Way Up
This Oscar-nominated animated short film follows the comic adventures of an undertaker and his son as they struggle to deliver the body of an old woman to her grave.

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Anonymous picture

Exquisite and inspired, with marvelous music.

Anonymous picture

So much fun, loved the animations and "This way up".

Lauren avatar

What a great selection of (mostly) animated shorts. The animation was consistently unique and beautiful throughout. My favorites were "This Way Up", a Gothic comedic tale which felt very Tim Burton-esque and Crusier: All Over, an awesome music video featuring minimalist art from popular ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Brillant, so clever.

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