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Student Experiences in Interprofessional Education
These videos present scenes with health professional students serving as primary characters who test elements of collaboration in their workplace.
Interprofessional Education and Collaboration in Primary Care
These videos present video clip examples that can be used within the Primary Care Setting to assist in teaching students from different disciplines who may be working together in primary…
Carole Laurin
These videos present a stroke survivor's sincere account of her experiences with the health care system. Ms. Laurin's14-minute speech, followed by an interview, offers realistic suggestions as to how barriers…
Don't These People Talk to Each Other?
These videos present a 21-minute documentary that links the evidence for interprofessional care, the need for it from the patients' perspectives and the important link with interprofessional education.
Facilitating Interprofessional Collaboration with Students
These videos highlight key teaching principles, potential facilitation challenges and provide examples of effective facilitation with interprofessional groups of students.

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Developing and Monitoring an Effective Care Team
Learn how to get the most of in-home and facility based care providers, including strategies to lead care team and professional advisor meetings. Develop strategies and learn best practice techniques to facilitate the client outcomes you are expecting. Learn to do more than monitor care - enhance it! Develop teams…
TRANSforming Healthcare - Transgender Cultural Competency for Medical Providers
Members of the transgender community face many barriers when attempting to access health care. Medical providers are not required to learn about transgender people during their schooling, so are often ill prepared to meet the medical needs of this socially and economically vulnerable population. Lack of exposure to transgender people…
Nevco Collection
NEVCO Education, a leader in healthcare continuing education, produces films to improve the quality of care by enhancing the effectiveness of medical providers, and improve the economic success of organizations by advancing the efficiency and reliability of the training process.
A Patient's Guide To Cardiac Procedures/Angioplasty (PCI)
Part of the Series: A Patient's Guide
Commonly known as angioplasty, this program covers what happens on the day of the procedure, immediately after the procedure, through to at-home care. This program is designed to help set expectations and to successfully help individuals understand the angioplasty procedure. Reviewed for accuracy by teams at Columbia University Medical Center,…
Wound Management And Staging Pressure Area
Pressure areas can develop in any setting whether it is acute care, long term care or home health. It becomes a vital part of every health care provider's daily care to know what a pressure area is, how it can happen and how to prevent it. This two part program…
Comprehensive Care Plan Development
Learn how to develop exceptional care plans that will provide the outcomes your client expects. Get positive client outcomes with proven techniques to ensure your care plans are implemented as intended. Learn how to engage the clients family and service providers in the plan for more effective results.
Carole Laurin - Reflections on Interprofessional Care
These videos present a stroke survivor's sincere account of her experiences with the health care system. Ms. Laurin's14-minute speech, followed by an interview, offers realistic suggestions as to how barriers in communication and collaboration between health care providers may be best overcome. "Providers need to see their professional colleagues as…
Regular Lives
We produced this film over twenty-five years ago, at a time, when most people with disabilities were excluded from education and often warehoused in such institutional settings as hospitals for the mentally ill, adult residential centers and large group homes. Allowing people with disabilities into regular school classrooms, job sites…
Wound Management and Staging Pressure Areas
This best selling program explores pressure areas that can develop in any setting. It becomes a vital part of every healthcare provider's daily care to know what a pressure area is, how it can happens and how to prevent it.
My Future, My Plan - A Transition Planning Resource for Life After High School for Students with Disabilities and Their Families
My Future, My Plan is designed to motivate and guide students with disabilities and their families as they being early transition planning for life after high school. Directed at students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), these materials promote positive attitudes, self-advocacy, and help make the transition planning process…
Medical School for Everyone - Pediatrics Grand Rounds
Kids, for all their youth and vigor, aren't indestructible. They're always growing, which makes their health needs different from those of the average adult. Enter pediatricians: trained medical experts whose sole mission is to help children reach their maximum potential. Pediatrics, which focuses on the medical care of children from…
Obamacare and Its Impact on California's Health (Commonwealth Club)
A panel of health-care insiders dissect the Supreme Court's decision on Obama's health-reform plan (Obamacare), focusing on California's providers and patients. The Commonwealth Club of California is the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum, bringing together its members for events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the…