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Mohamed Hage: The World's First Organic Rooftop Farm
Interview with Mohamed Hage, who is turning the flat rooftops of Montreal's industrial buildings into fertile farms that feed thousands--and he's making a profit in the process. Hage, a self-described "technology geek" turned urban farmer, explains the genesis and genius of Lufa Farms in this Green Interview. After 7 years,…
Sustainable Energy Options
Every day, the sun delivers 14,000 times more energy than the human economy uses. Discover how solar energy in all its forms can be harnessed and used in efficient ways, in addition to the financial benefits that come from using it. Learn how you can use energy wisely in your…
Stars and Pop Cans: The Green Goals of a College
This short was produced by The Green Interview for the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), which provides trades training and vocational education on 13 campuses and in six community learning centres. The flagship campus on the Dartmouth waterfront (featured in this short) was designed to be a model of sustainability…
Living Greener - Episode 4
Part of the Series: Living Greener Collection
'Moses Project: Venice, Kenya Geothermal Energy, Bolivian Glacier, Chelsea goes Green, Brazil Amazon Medicines,
Plastic Bottle Recycling
Part of the Series: Curiosity Quest Goes Green
Did you know that Americans use approximately 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour! Join Joel on this episode to find out how we can help our planet by recycling these plastic bottles.
Geothermal Energy
Episode 18 of The Science of Energy
Go deep underground for a look at geothermal energy. Topics include the energy budget of our planet, two main ways of using geothermal energy, five different technologies used for hydrothermal power systems (including dry steam power plants), and the concept of shallow ground source heat pumps (GSHPs).
Recycling Technology - Waste Not, Want Not
Part of the Series: Show Me Science Series - Advanced
Modern waste-management systems are integrating a variety of recycling processes. Transforming waste into energy and waste into new products is at the forefront of new technologies. For example, light is used to separate glass from minerals, while magnets and whirlstreams separate metals from non-metals. Inside the eponymous 'rotting boxes', organic…
The Science of Energy - Resources and Power Explained
Energy is, without a doubt, the very foundation of the universe. It's the engine that powers life and fuels the evolution of human civilization. Yet for all its importance, what energy really is and how it works remains a mystery to most non-scientists. For example:
  • Where does most of…
Green Matters: Recycling
As the world's garbage piles grow to even greater heights, many people and industries are finding new uses for old things. In Manila, the Philippines, local women are running a thriving business repurposing old papers into fashionable accessories creating a worldwide demand. In the U.S., recycling E-Waste is big business…
Going to Green Complete Collection
Based on the PBS series Edens Lost and Found, Going to Green was developed to provide a standards-based environmental education curriculum for schools, colleges, and communities. Halfway through the Chicago filming of Edens Lost and Found, one of the individuals interviewed said "You know, children are our future. If we…
The Consumer and The Planet
Learn how small, everyday actions can conserve energy sources, reduce your carbon footprint, and even save money in the process. This program deciphers 'green' marketing claims and labels such as 'ENERGY STAR', 'DfE', renewable and sustainable. We illustrate eco-friendly ways to buy, prepare, store and dispose of food, and explore…
Towards a Greener Future (Environmental Solutions)
"Recommended. Emphasizes the contributions that science and technology can make to the creation of a greener world. Science classes will find the examples cited intriguing." -School Library Journal Mankind appears to be the source of all the most serious pollution threats to the planet and there are few branches of…