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Meet Mark Powell, a bespoke tailor from Soho
Textile Artist
Meet Harriet Riddell, a performance textile artist who uses her sewing machine to draw in stitch
Meet Eden Billy Simpson, a singer-songwriter from Camden Town
Meet Jade Mary Elliott, a popular British plus-size model
Art Dealer
Meet Elinor Olisa, co-founder of one of the UK's first online art galleries
Ceramic Designer
Meet Emmely Elgersma, a ceramic designer who decorates china dinnerware
Dog Blogger
Meet Rachael Hunter who blogs about her dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Kai
Meet Lulu Gwynne, the owner of the Vintage Tea Room where people can enjoy the traditional ritual of afternoon tea
Bespoke Event Organizer
Meet Alex Rivers, bespoke events organizer and co-founder of Westbourne Bespoke Events
London Tour Guide
Meet Matt Gedge, a certified tour guide for Fun London Tours
Fitness Trainer
Meet Anna Reich, a personal fitness trainer from the City of London

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