Le Silence De La Foret (the Forest)

California Newsreel
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A story about a village teacher who introduces education for local self-development explores the relationships between progressive activists, entrenched social interests, traditional belief system and rural Africans. Sango Malo offers American viewers an intimate and engaging portrait of the complex social dynamic underlying economic and political change in a typical…
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Afro@Digital begins with a provocative question: 'Why speak of new technologies on a continent which wakes up and goes to sleep to the terrorism of poverty?' In other words, how can Africa escape the logic of poverty and unequal development by making sure that digital technology doesn't pass it by,…
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This episode discusses the Czech Republic and Moravia as well as Cuba and Fiji.
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Part of the Series: Frontiers
Ronald Eyre looked at the people living on both sides of the border in Ireland that splits the Republic from Ulster.
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Among the ten films in this section are a transatlantic crossing in a Zeppelin dirigible, a 1925 stencil-colored trek through the Belgian Congo, World War I-era Parisian street kids in Montmartre, a 1916 visit to Los Angeles, a 1927 sound film of pilot Charles Lindbergh embarking on his New York-Paris…