Leading Counseling Groups with Adults
A Demonstration of the Art of Engagement

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Group Therapy: A Live Demonstration - With Molyn Leszcz
Group therapy sets the stage for a study in character and transformation in Yalom's novel. Master group therapist and teacher Molyn Leszcz leads two groups based on the characters and plot, which allows for the major themes and dynamics that occur in all working groups to quickly emerge in full…
Treating Complex PTSD II - Stabilization Techniques; Therapeutic Modalities
Part of the Series: Treating Complex PTSD
Topics Importance of Stabilization Work Stabilization Techniques Adjunctive Therapies in PTSD Treatment EMDR as Resource Development Psychodrama Group Therapy Body-Oriented Group Work
Leading Groups with Adolescents - With Janice DeLucia-Waack and Allen Segrist
There is an art to leading groups with adolescents, and Drs. Janice DeLucia-Waack and Allen Segrist have clearly mastered it. Beginning by discussing the fundamentals of psychoeducational groups with teens, DeLucia-Waack and Segrist go on to masterfully demonstrate how to design a group to address cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills…
The Virginia Satir Series
In this dynamic series, watch renowned psychotherapist Virginia Satir present her pioneering views on the essential ingredients of successful therapy to a group of students, then conduct therapy with families struggling with abuse, substance use, and parenting conflicts. In The Essence of Change, Satir presents the four stages of therapy…
Body-Oriented Therapy Sessions
"One of the things that is so delightful about a session like this is that it can be done in the context of traditional talking psychotherapy...to bring in body-centered techniques without disturbing a patient who has been used to talking therapy, or disappointing the patient's hopes that we would talk…
Group Counseling with Adolescents - A Multicultural Approach with Sam Steen and Sheri Bauman
Although child therapy is a vast subset of our field, much emphasis is placed on the various modalities that support either very young children or high school-age youth, while the treatment of middle schoolers is often neglected. In this video, Drs. Sam Steen and Sheri Bauman co-facilitate a series of…
Body Electro Therapy - High Frequency
Demonstrates the techniques used for Body Electro Therapy - high frequency
Socratic Questioning
Despite its origins being nearly 2500 years old, Socratic Questioning (SQ) in therapy generally and specifically in CBT remains somewhat a mystery to many practitioners. SQ is based on the practice of disciplined and thoughtful dialogue that, on the first sight, appears simple, but in fact - is intensely rigorous.…
Understanding Group Psychotherapy Series
Group therapy is increasingly used in a wide variety of settings, but unfortunately many therapists receive little if any training in this modality, and are thrown in to a group to do their best. The result if that therapists often attempt to do individual therapy in a group setting, resulting…
The Essence of Change
Part of the Series: The Virginia Satir Series
Virginia Satir is considered one of the early innovators of family therapy, but her pioneering techniques and heart-centered approach continue to influence new generations of practitioners. Watch Satir conduct an enlightening, interactive lecture on "the essence of change" with a small group of students, and see why this 20th-century clinician…
Advanced Screenwriting Collection
This is a playlist on advanced screenwriting
Volume III: An Interview with Irvin Yalom
In Volume III, An Interview Dr. Yalom engages in an in-depth discussion of the finer points of group therapy. He elucidates the therapeutic factors that are at play in a well-running group, and tackles such issues as selection of group members, dealing with dropouts, and working with a co-leader. He…