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Students on Bias & Bullying

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I made this film when my son was in middle school. Instead of going out on the yard after lunch, he spent his recess inside in a classroom because the bullying and harassment was so intense. A group of parents went to meet with the principal about the problem and we were told that there ...Read more

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Learn about the four forms of bullying - PHYSICAL, VERBAL, EXCLUSION, ONLINE. Explore the three roles in bullying - the BULLY, the VICTIM and the BYSTANDER. Get tools and resources to ignite powerful classroom discussion and HOW TO MAKE A STAND against BULLYING . Teach students to have the courage…
Boys Will Be Boys, But What About Girls? - Childhood Aggression and Gender
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This engaging keynote, filmed at the first national conference on bullying, blends solid research with entertaining vintage footage from Candid Camera. Dr Crick explores:
  • The marked differences between the ways boys and girls bully
  • How withholding friendship and giving a peer the cold shoulder constitute harmful relational aggression with…
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This program discusses bullies and harassment on campus and some of the motivations behind a bullys behavior. Using interviews with teens that bully and teens that have been bullied, this program provides a broad understanding of why bullies do what they do, the best way to handle them and who…
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In this accessible keynote, Dr Hymel examines research as well as events in real schools to help educators understand:
  • Real-life student reactions to constant bullying
  • Long-term consequences to the lives of bullies and their victims, such as academic difficulties, low self-esteem, depression, stress-related illness, anxiety and suicide
  • Cultural trends…
Hear Me Now - The Bullied Have a Voice
A stylish and poignant documentary featuring compelling stories from dozens who have been affected by bullying in schools and continue to be affected, giving viewers a candid look inside the world of bullying and the inspiration to find hope amid the darkness. HEAR ME NOW strives to become the quintessential…
Bullying & Harassment for Managers
Highlights the importance of identifying a bully and handling bullying cases properly.
7 Ways to Block a CyberBully
Cyber bullies don't shove kids on the playground or steal lunch money, but they are just as dangerous. They stay hidden behind technology and target students on the Internet and through cell phones. This film teaches students how to be smart and stay safe in a cyber bully situation. "7…
Bullying and Beyond Series
Insightful keynotes about bullying from Nicki Crick, Shelley Hymel and Stuart Twemlow
Creating Gender Inclusive Schools
The school brought in the staff of Gender Spectrum to provide training for teachers and administrators as well as an age-appropriate curriculum for students. During this step, everyone involved was empowered to look at their own personal confusion, bias and feelings around gender. Parents are brought into the mix next,…
Apples and Oranges
Apples and Oranges is designed to raise children's awareness of the harmful effects of homophobia and gender-related name calling, intolerance, stereotyping and bullying. In the course of a lively in-class discussion among elementary students and an equity educator, children's paintings magically dissolve into two short animated stories. In Anta's Revenge,…
The Equation of Life - Childhood Bullying
"There are many anti-bullying films on the market. What makes this one unique is the voice of a child who experienced it first-hand. The resolutions proposed are simple and realistic. If this film prevents the bullying of even one child, then it's done its job." - Ranny Levy, Founder and…
Part of the Series: Real Life Teens
Cyber-bulling is any form of harassment that occurs via the Internet. Vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on websites and mean or cruel email messages are all examples of bullying. While Cyber-Bulling mainly takes place on line, other high tech methods like threatening text messages…