Leveraging Your Supply Chain

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Focused a bit much on consumer goods.

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Managing Supply and Suppliers
Supply management is the one department that accounts for well over half of a company's total spend, and involves decisions that impact its long-term profitability. By examining fundamental questions about what to buy and how to select suppliers, you'll leverage effective supply management practices that can set you apart from…
Supply Chain: Understanding the Risk Factors
Where would our global economy be without supply chains? Going nowhere fast, would be a quick but accurate response. Let's face it, no matter if your firm is a manufacturer, retailer or financial organization you are undoubtedly tethered to, and reliant on, a supply chain. In this program expert, Joe…
A New Challenge: Global Supply Chain Risk Management
Course Overview With their supply chain expanding to include a web of third-party service providers managing mission-critical business functions and operations, many companies have assumed that their exposure to uncertainty has also increased. Management expert Gary Lynch reveals how you can anticipate, as well as manage, the risk exposures of…
Business Intelligence: Best Practices for Successful Project Management
Managing a business intelligence (BI) project is more involved than managing other types of IT projects. For this reason, BI project management requires different techniques and methods to succeed. This program discusses best practices for organizing and managing a BI project. David Sterling, CEO and principal consultant for Sterling International…
Matching Supply and Demand
Sales and operations (S&OP) planning integrates a company's sales forecasts with the operations plans from the purchasing, production, and logistics departments. Learn how qualitative and quantitative forecasts are used to gather and share information; how the principles of S&OP can help you better match your supply and demand; and more.
Managing Supply Chain Risk
Today's modern supply chains are extremely complex and in large organizations, often involve a web of third-party service providers managing mission-critical business functions and operations. A breakdown at any point in this service delivery chain can be catastrophic. Therefore, enterprises must be "on game" when it comes to building out…
Executing Your Strategy - How to Break It Down and Get It Done by Raymond Levitt
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
In a business environment of fastmoving markets, global supply chains, and dynamic technologies, executing strategy is becoming increasingly dif cult. How do you aim for a target that is constantly shifting--while standing on a platform that is constantly destabilized? Professor Levitt provides the answer: plan in detail only as far…
Infinite Reality - With Jeremy Bailenson
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Program Highlights
  • Virtual reality is here, it's affordable, and it's changing business practices.
  • Using virtual reality to influence, persuade and teach.
  • How to turn today's video gamers into tomorrow's customers.
Children in the U.S. spend twice as much time playing video games as they do reading. Virtual reality…
Master Data Management and Cloud Computing
There may be nothing more essential to both private and public sector organizations today than the master data they hold regarding their customers, products, suppliers, employees and finances. It's of vital importance that this data and information be accurate and managed correctly. The advent of Cloud Computing brings with it…
Persuasion and the Selling of New Ideas
Assistors and Resistors - a tool that uses contextual thinking to put yourself into the future so that you can examine the forces that will influence the creation and execution of your breakthrough idea. Learn how to leverage forces that propel you toward success, along with other persuasive ways (including…
Identifying Sources of Sales Growth
You've mastered segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Now learn how to grow and increase your sales using the 2x2 Ansoff matrix--one of the most powerful ideas in marketing. In the process, you'll learn piercing insights into the interactions between customers (current and new), product development, diversification, and more.
Clarify Even More - Webbing and Storyboarding
Continue learning about clarification with a closer look at some more advanced tools to add to your toolkit. One is webbing, which leverages two probing questions to broaden your perspective and think in abstract terms. The other is storyboarding, a tool designed to tell your story in a visual sequence.