Life and Death
Language Preservation
Part of the Series: Speaking In Tongues

Syncopated Productions
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The very romantic images only sometimes have anything to do with the voice over. Most of the film is talking heads intercut with stock footage or some glob-trotting shots of exotic places. This is a problematic film for teaching anthropology, where we want to question the exoticism of Native ...Read more

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Speaking In Tongues - The History of Language
Currently there are more than 6,000 languages spoken around the world. This five-part series traces the history and evolution of language and attendant theories and controversies while evaluating the scope of linguistic diversity, the dissemination of language, the expansion of language into written form, and the life cycle of language.…
Civilization to Colonization - Written Language
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Writing is a relative latecomer to the history of language. This program tracks its emergence in Mesopotamia, China, and Mesoamerica and its down through the millennia via conquest--usually violent, sometimes benign--and colonization. The creation of creoles and pidgins resulting from the interaction of specific populations is also addressed, and speculation…
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What precisely is language and how did humans acquire it? In an effort to answer these essential questions, this program journeys back to prehistoric times in search of languages origin. But this is not a passive discussion, as Noam Chomsky; Brown Universitys Philip Lieberman; Johanna Nichols, of U.C. Berkeley; Stanford…
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This program travels the globe as it surveys a large portion of the worlds languages--25 percent of which are spoken by a mere 0.1 percent of the Earths population. Moving from Africa to Oceania and up to Asia and then west to Europe and across the ocean to the Americas,…
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In this program, John McWhorter, author of The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language; Lyle Campbell, of the University of Utah; Brian Joseph, of The Ohio State University; and population geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza examine factors that contributed to the diversification and spread of languages, including early migration,…
The Asurini define video images as Morayngava, "the design of things." They are delighted to see their own images on-screen, and see video as a vehicle for teaching, remembrance and representation of dreamlike shamanic experiences. The older men lament that they never stored images of their ancestors, who will eventually…
The Ax Fight
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The Ax Fight was restored by the National Film Preservation Foundation. A fight broke out in Mishimishimabowei-teri on the second day of Chagnon and Asch's stay in this village in 1971. The conflict developed between the villagers of Mishimishimabowei-teri and their visitors from another village. The visitors had formerly been…
Altar of Fire
This film records a 12 day ritual performed by Mambudiri Brahmins in Kerala, southwest India, in April 1975. This event was possibly the last performance of the Agnicayana, a Vedic ritual of sacrifice dating back 3,000 years and probably the oldest surviving human ritual. Long considered extinct and never witnessed…
This video traces the resistance and strategy of the Parakateje (Gaviao) during their 25-year struggle to maintain autonomy in the face of huge development projects in the south of Para From their first disastrous contact with whites in the 1950s, to their current negotiations with government power companies, the video…
Diary of a Maasai Village, Part 5: Nine Cows and an Ox
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This final segment of the Diary depicts the ceremony known as the "ox of ilbaa," from which Miisia emerges, acknowledged as a man. Filmmaker: Melissa Llelewyn-Davies
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The ingenuity of Yanomamo technology is revealed in the climbing frame used to scale the spiny trunk of the peach palm tree. Here a young man collects the fruit for his in-laws by means of two frames, each constructed of two crisscrossed poles. As he perches on one frame, he…
Return to the Brouck: The Fenland, 40 years On
Return to the Brouck (Retour au Brouck) (color, 55 min, 2011, 16:9 anamorphic) Set in the natural environment of northern France, criss-crossed with water ways, market gardening as well as breeding remain the only productive activities. Nevertheless, the number of fenlanders has seriously diminished from 200 farms in the 1970…