Life on Earth
The Secrets of Evolution
Part of the Series: Attenborough

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Can't help but be amazed every time I watch a documentary on evolution. Plus David Attenborough is awesome :)

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Seeing the Pattern
Animals that are beautifully patterned or brilliantly coloured have attracted the attention of collectors for centuries. In this episode David Attenborough looks at two examples of animal patterns that have bedazzled and baffled science for a long time, and uses modern tools to unlock their secrets.
Part of the Series: Sex in the Wild
In Australia, Joy and Mark uncover the reproductive secrets of some of the strangest mammals on Earth -- the pouch-wearing marsupials. Thanks to their bizarre way of reproducing, kangaroos thrive in one of the most unpredictable, drought-prone environments on Earth -- the Australian Outback. In Queensland's eucalyptus forests, he sees…
History Of Life: Extinction – An End and a New Beginning
Part of the Series: History of Life
Mass extinctions have shaped and reshaped the landscape of life on earth throughout its history. In this program we chronicle the history of mass extinctions and their effect on evolution. We learn that these events not only destroy life, but also create the fertile ground from which life can take…
Young Wrinklies
Aging and eternal youth seem to fascinate us. In this episode, David Attenborough encounters two examples where curious bodies and extreme lifestyles may unlock the secrets of the ageing process and longevity. For both of these animals wrinkly skins are not a sign of age, they help them survive! The…
A Curious Hoax?
Nature can baffle us so much we don't believe what we see. In these two stories David Attenborough discovers the curiosities that have led to accusations of forgery and have ultimately helped us rethink evolution.
The Future of Life - Biodiversity in the New Millennium with Edward O. Wilson
The Future of Life: Biodiversity in the New Millennium Excellent. A vivid and hopeful journey through the world of biodiversity. Wilson's ideas are seminal to any serious discussion of the relationship between science, nature, and humanity. Peter Raven, Chair, National Research Council, Division of Earth and Life Studies Bottlenecks: From…
The Last Reef - A Lush Look at Ocean Reefs
Fly across iridescent tropical reefs. Brush through a cloud of countless jellyfish. Visit an alien world where the closer you look, the more you see. We think of reefs as exotic, distant places with little connection to our everyday world. Yet each of them is a hotspot of biodiversity, as…
Attenborough's Natural Curiosities - Series 3
Sir David Attenborough reveals the most intriguing animals he's met during his incomparable career. Each episode features two species connected by a distinctive evolutionary quirk.
Earth is painted in stunning colors. By understanding how these colors are created and the energy they carry, we can learn the secret language of the planet.
Genes and Identity
Episode 15 of Redefining Reality
The mechanism that drives evolution was not discovered until long after Darwin's death. Follow the clues that led researchers first to the cell nucleus, then to chromosomes and genes, and finally to the DNA molecule as the agent of heredity. Close by weighing the role of genetics in determining human…
Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Series 1
Mysterious nature uncovered David Attenborough has spent a lifetime documenting the natural world. He's met a great number of nature's most extraordinary creatures yet there are certain stories of bewildering animals that continue to intrigue him - from the peculiar patterns of a zebra's stripes to the evolutionary quirk of…
Attenborough's Giant Egg
In 1961, David Attenborough was handed a very special memento while filming in Madagascar: egg fragments belonging to the largest ever bird. Now, he returns to the island and asks whether it holds the clue to saving the country's remaining wildlife. On a hot day in 1961, while filming Zoo…