Part of the Series: Freedom

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Yasmina Ramzy
Part of the Series: Freedom
Yasmina Ramzy, has the distinction of being Canada's top Belly Dance choreographer. Her dance company, Arabesque, has toured extensively across Canada and internationally. She has managed to fuse the ancient dance art with contemporary esthetics, all the while re- shaping the way that the west perceives the dance form. The…
Jennifer Robichaud
Part of the Series: Freedom
Jennifer Robichaud belongs to a new generation of urban dance artists who are literally breaking their way into the established dance scene. With a formal background in contemporary dance and street education in break dancing, she and her company Larchaud Dance are as at much at home in clus as…
Part of the Series: Freedom
This innovative company is the brainchild of choreographer/dancer Victor Quijada, who has successfully melded his love of hip hop with classical ballet to create a dance form that is as much at home on the street as it is on stage. Raised in Los Angeles, trained in New York, and…
Sasha Ivanochko
Part of the Series: Freedom
Sasha Ivanochko landed in dance after successfully representing Canada on the international stage in gymnastics. In a recent Globe and Mail article celebrating the "Top 133 Young Canadians" of the new millennium, she was described as "one of the powerhouses of the Toronto Dance Theatre and regarded as a stellar…
Louise Bedard Danse
Part of the Series: Freedom
Louise Bedard is a veteran of Montreal's dance scene. When not dancing and choreographing, she spends a great deal of time creating collage art pieces. She finds that the two artistic disciplines inform one another and bring a multilayered sense of depth to her staged dance pieces, creating a form…
Anne Troake
Part of the Series: Freedom
Anne Troake uses her home in Newfoundland as inspiration for her highly original works. Her short dance film Pretty Big Dig is classic Troake, featuring a dance company made up of steam shovels! Her keen sense of humor is evident in choreographed works that feature both dancers and non-dancers, where…
Kidd Pivot
Part of the Series: Freedom
Crystal Pite is the one-woman dynamo behind Vancouver-based dance company, Kidd Pivot. She has taken the art of dance into the realm of theatre with dramatic and comedic twists and turns. A very accomplished dancer in her own right, Crystal is gaining accolades for her imaginative works.
Big Brother of Christmas Island
Twenty years ago, a hard-drinking, fiery British immigrant called Gordon Bennett, came to the remote Australian territory of Christmas Island to become General Secretary of the Union of Christmas Island Workers. By the time he died in 1991, he was known as 'Tai Ko Seng' which, roughly translated, means "big…
A Calcutta Christmas
"We live the way the British live. Indians live their own way," declares Mrs Olga Walsh of the Tollygunge Home, a refuge for 35 elderly Anglo-Indians hidden away in the middle of noisy, vibrant Calcutta. In stark contrast to the rest of post-colonial India, the residents of Tollygunge cling to…
Hidden Treasures with Betty Churcher - Inside the National Gallery of Australia
The National Gallery of Australia has more than 100,000 works in its collection--an extraordinary reservoir of creative vision and cultural history, from decorative arts to photography and sculpture. Yet on a visit to the gallery, you'll see only the tip of this iceberg. Carefully stored away are the things that…
Aeroplane Dance
On 1 December 1942, a US bomber called Little Eva was returning to base after a bombing raid over New Guinea. The plane hit a tropical storm and crashed at Moonlight Creek in the southeast corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria, in Australia's far north. The events that followed were…
Kate Ceberano
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Singer Kate Ceberano is convinced she is descended from 'pirates and bums' but as she delves into her family tree she uncovers links to landed gentry, as well as an artistic past. Kate's expectations are inflated when she learns that one early ancestor, an entrepreneurial Swede, was an inventive pioneer…