Maintain Your Brain
Dementia Risk Reduction & Life After Diagnosis

Pines of Sarasota
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What Are You Doing Now? What Could Be Changed?
An in-depth discussion with Teepa on how to maintain your brain, reduce your risk and also how to live well even with the diagnosis of dementia.
Why Should We Change
Activities to Stay Mentally & Physically Fit - Use What You Still Have & Get the Right Help!
Raising The Activity Level
Engagement with active groups, for example dancing or word games, to understand that the most important part is not to learn new things but to manipulate and use them so…
Lowering The Numbers
Who Gets Dementia?
  • ANYONE can get it
  • Risk goes UP with AGE
  • BOTH Women & Men
  • All ethnic groups
  • All cultures
  • YOU can make a difference in when and…

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End of Life Care and Letting Go
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It's All In Your Approach
Dementia trainer Teepa Snow explains how a person with dementia perceives his or her environment and how to properly adapt one's own behavior to increase communication and quality of life for all parties. Learn techniques to improve mutual understanding, better manage distress and much more.
Dental Care for People with Dementia
Learn effective techniques to handle challenging situations and provide the best dental care for a person with dementia, including but not limited to Alzheimer's, Lewy Body or Frontotemporal Dementia.
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Spirituality in Dementia Care
Learn with dementia expert Teepa Snow and Reverend Linn Possell about basic spiritual and religious needs throughout life, what may or may not change when someone is living with dementia and how to best meet those needs.
Understanding Frontotemporal Dementias
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