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Manual Handling Healthcare - Non Clinical
Focuses on the safety of manual handling related tasks in the non clinical areas of the health care industry.
Manual Handling Healthcare - An Introduction
Discusses what is manual handling, common causes of injury, lifting techniques, & responsibilities of both employers & employees.
Manual Handling Healthcare - Catering
Highlights the importance of planning and communication. Includes lifting techniques and mechanical aids.
Manual Handling Healthcare - Patient & Resident Handling
Discusses how to eliminate or minimise many of the risks associated with patient handling, and a 'no-lift' policy.
Manual Handling Healthcare - Peri-operative
Shows how to perform the various lifts prevalent in the perioperative area, including mechanical aids.
Manual Handling Healthcare - Sterilisation
Highlights the various manual handling related risks present in the sterilising department. Includes procedures to eliminate or reduce the risk.

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