The Manuscripts of Timbuktu
Part of the Series: The Library of African Cinema

California Newsreel
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Ismael - Protecting an Ancient Islamic Library
Over 500 years ago, driven out by the Spanish Inquisition, Ismael Diadie's ancestors left Al-Andalus for Timbuktu. They were guardians of an ancient Islamic library, a legacy of over 12,000 scientific, poetic and religious manuscripts, which they wanted to protect at all cost. But in 2012, Ansar al Din salafist…
Illuminations - Private Lives of Medieval Kings
Dr Janina Ramirez unlocks the secrets of illuminated manuscripts that were custom-made for kings and explores the medieval world they reveal. Starting with the first Anglo-Saxon rulers to create a united England, she encounters books in the British Library's Royal manuscripts collection which are over a thousand years old. She…
Summer of the Bombs
A drama-documentary examining why America felt it necessary to use Atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II, and what other options were open to them, using diaries, manuscripts and archive footage. A look into a historical world controversy.
Cathedrals: Who Builds? Who Pays? How Long?
Episode 16 of The Cathedral Series
You've witnessed the majesty of some of Europe's great cathedrals. But how on earth were they actually built? This episodes eparates myth from reality, using models, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass windows, and other sources to reveal the technical process of creating impressive buildings that would inspire millions.
The World Of The Lindisfarne Gospels
The Lindisfarne Gospels is the greatest of Anglo-Saxon treasures and one of the world's great works of art. It is a volume of the four Gospels, in Latin, created in the early eighth century, with gloriously, riotously decorated illuminations. Drawing on significant new research, The World of the Lindisfarne Gospels…
Reclaiming the Blade - European & Asian Historic Swordplay
For Students of European & Asian Medieval & Renaissance History. Narrated by world-renowned actor John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings). Starring Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, Bob Anderson. Lord of the Rings stars join with Star Wars sword-master - Bob Anderson. Reclaiming the Blade is a documentary program steeped…
The Plantagenets - A Look into One of England's First Royal Families
Ruling for over 300 years as Kings of England, Dukes of France and Counts of Anjou, the Plantagenets were one of Europe's most dysfunctional yet longest ruling royal dynasties. Although ultimately driven by the wealth and glory a crown brought, they also managed to forge the foundations of the British…
Thomas Jefferson: A View from the Mountain - A Close Look at Thomas Jefferson's Life
A story that tears at the heart of America, this critically acclaimed documentary from the director of Bonhoeffer explores Thomas Jefferson and his personal and public dilemma about race and slavery. For centuries people have asked how it was possible that the man who wrote the creed for America, declaring…
The Three Worlds of Bali
On the Indonesian island of Bali, the arts permeate almost every aspect of daily life. Gamelan music, wayang (shadow puppet) theater, dance, and elaborately constructed offerings of foods and flowers all represent attempts to please the gods and placate demons. In Balinese cosmology, demons are thought to dwell in the…
The Civil War: Anguish of Emancipation
This dramatic re-enactment, which centers on the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, reveals the agonizing dilemmas that confronted Abraham Lincoln as he struggled to resolve the Civil War. "With all dialogue taken verbatim from manuscripts, letters, diaries, and journals of the period, this excellent film offers a realistic and richly…
Toward the Promised Land - Forty Years in the Desert
Part of the Series: Walking the Bible
Feiler experiences the stark reality of the Sinai desert, where it's a struggle simply to survive. He finds the locations said to be where God provided water and food for the Israelites - and discovers the secret of the tamarisk tree, which produces a sweet, honey-like substance called "manna." The…
English Romanesque Art
This program was inspired by the 'English Romanesque Art' exhibition held at the Hayward Gallery in London, and features the art and architecture of the period 1066-1200 - a time of intense creative activity which gave rise to some of England's greatest buildings and works of art. It includes an…