Masterworks of American Avant-garde Experimental Film - The 1960s

Flicker Alley
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9 Variations on a Dance Theme
16mm 1.37 black & white sound, 12:39 minutes; dancer Bettie de Jong; music by McNeil Robinson. The sensation of our own movement and the perception of movement in the world…
Castro Street
16mm 1.37:1 color sound, 9:59 minutes; preserved by Academy Film Archive in 1999 at Triage Motion Picture Services from camera original sand magnetic soundtrack archived at Pacific Film Archives; mastered…
Film That Rises to the Surface of Clarified Butter
16mm 1.37:1 black & white sound, 8:26 minutes; courtesy of the filmmaker.- George Landow
Excerpt from Walden: Diaries, Notes and Sketches
16mm 1.37:1 color sound except end of Reel 5 and beginning of Reel 6, 13:05 minutes; music by Frederic Chopin, Group Image; with Gideon Backman, Adolfas Makas, Jonas Mekas, Hela…
Our Lady of the Sphere
35mm from 16mm 1.37:1 color sound, 9:14 minutes; preserved by Lawrence Jordan and Michael Hinton from camera originals and magnetic soundtrack; distributor Canyon Cinema; courtesy of the filmmaker. Alchemical images…

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Curtis Harrington Short Film Collection
Curtis Harrington, widely regarded as one of the important avant-garde directors of the 1940s as well as an early influential figure in what would come to be known as "New Queer Cinema," was born in Los Angeles in 1926. He began making films as a teenager, often deeply surreal, intuitive…
Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass
One of the first Soviet sound films, it deals with the Five Year Plan of the late 1920s, and represents Vertov's radical attempt to link economic progress with the introduction of sound in cinema.
A cinematographic poem in which Vertov lays the foundation of his Kino-Eye principles, the film shows the incredible force of his theories, but also the beauty and energy of a society fresh from revolution, ready to face the challenges of a difficult future. Kino-Eye feature musical accompaniments by Alloy Orchestra…
Three Songs About Lenin
Arguably Vertov's most personal work, the triptych celebrates the Soviet leader 10 years after his death as seen through the eyes of the people.
Dziga Vertov: The Man with the Movie Camera - and Other Newly-Restored Works
"I am an eye. A mechanical eye. I am the machine that reveals the world to you as only the machine can see it."
  • Dziga Vertov ("Kino-Eye")
These words, written in 1923 (only a year after Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North was released) reflect the Soviet pioneer's…
Man With A Movie Camera - Musical Accompaniment by The Alloy Orchestra
Named the best documentary film of all time by Sight and Sound, it is presented here in its entirety for the first time since its original premiere. Discovered and restored at EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam--with extensive digital treatment by Lobster Films--the 35mm print from which this edition is, in…
Stride, Soviet!
Part of the Series: Landmarks of Early Soviet Film
STRIDE, SOVIET! is a film intended to publicize, in the run-up to local elections, the work and accomplishments of the Moscow municipal council or "soviet." Dziga Vertov attempts a different kind of lecture film, one that disposes of staid commentary in favor of sharp visual conflicts that mimic the impact…