The Melting Pot
Part of the Series: Finding Your Roots

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California's Sierra Valley: Traces of Switzerland in Northern California
The most famous emigrant with Swiss ties in California was John Sutter, whose arrival helped change the shape of American history, for it was the discovery of gold at his sawmill that launched the California Gold Rush and one of the largest human migrations in history. Sutter's dream of an…
Geoffrey Robertson
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Barrister and human rights advocate Geoffrey Robertson QC believes that it is nurture not nature that shapes our moral integrity, but does his family history support his theory? Fifth generation Australian Geoffrey has lived in London for decades, but he remains proudly Australian. He traces his Scottish ancestors--early mountain cattlemen…
The Journey of the Lion
Brother Howie is a Jamaican Rastifari who dreams of the land of his ancestors: Africa. On a journey in search of his roots and his identity he travels through three continents and - with great humor and sensitivity - discovers the world...and Africa.
We Come from People
Part of the Series: Finding Your Roots
Trace three guests' roots into the heart of slavery, revealing that there is no singular narrative and challenging preconceptions of an era that profoundly shaped our nation's sense of itself. Hip-hop artist Nas discovers a web of his slave ancestors and their intimate relationship with their slave master; award-winning actress…
In a Foreign Land (En Tierra Extra├▒a) - Struggles of the Spanish Community in Scotland
Gloria is one of the 700,000 Spanish people who have left Spain since the economic crisis started. The film portraits the experience of intra-European exiles tackled by Spain's highest-profile female director, Iciar Bollain (Even the Rain, Take My Eyes). Gloria is a 32 year old native of Almeria Spain. A…
Cucina Amore: Onion Glazed Pot Roast & Baked Pasta
Part of the Series: Cucina Amore: Italian Cooking
Now released on DVD, this popular cooking series features everyone's favorite Italian Chef, Nick Stellino. The series featured nationally on PBS includes all the style, stories, and of course great dishes that Nick creates, making this delectable presentation a cook's delight. Family favorite, melt-in-the-mouth pot roast and onions in hearty…
Homemade Hillbilly Jam
In the 1800s a scrappy group of Scotch-Irish immigrants settled in the Ozark Mountains of Southwestern Missouri. Stereotyped as poor, lawless degenerates, these isolated hill folk over time became the butt of countless jokes and earned themselves the name "hillbillies." This enjoyable documentary captures the rich and wonderful sounds of…
Yves Mattagne "The Sea Grill" [Brussels] & Gualtieri Marchesi "Marchesi" [Brescia, Italy]
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 3
"Chef Yves Mattagne - The Sea Grill [Brussels] 2 Michelin Stars Yves Mattagne is a Belgium-born chef critically acclaimed for his dishes at the Sea Grill, one of BrusselsaEU(tm) top restaurants. His abilities and deep affinity with the ingredients paved the path towards the gold medal at the concourse European…
Native Americans
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
What does it mean to be a Native American? Perhaps Native American model Stormy Hollingsworth (Ute) says it best, "to be proud, to know that our past and our whole history is a circle of life." This program introduces us to members of the Ute, Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Omaha…
Our People, Our Traditions
Part of the Series: Finding Your Roots
Three celebrated Americans who share not only a Jewish heritage but also a history of perseverance in the face of withering opposition. Tony Kushner delves into the history of the Holocaust to discover his ancestors' fate; Carole King discovers the origins of her family name and confronts the reality of…
Our American Storytellers
Part of the Series: Finding Your Roots
Three iconic American storytellers have spent their lives chronicling the lives of others, while knowing almost nothing about their own family history. Ken Burns confronts the reality of his southern ancestors' role in the Civil War, including Confederate soldiers held captive and a slave-owning Virginian. Anderson Cooper, scion of one…
Lost Town
Lost Town tells the story of one man's obsessive search to get closer to his deceased father by uncovering the story of his family's town of Trochenbrod. First made famous by Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything Is Illuminated, Trochenbrod was the only all-Jewish town to ever exist outside of Palestine. Trochenbrod's…