Mickey Mouse Monopoly
Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power

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Anonymous picture

Well this sure is a different look at the true implications of Disney movies. However, I think the people in this documentary were being a little too critical of Disney, and they have to remember that nobody's forcing their children to watch these movies. Although Disney is probably number ...Read more

Joe avatar

Hello, My name is Joseph Forest Jr. I'm a sophmore at Sacred heart University and hoping to obtain a Marketing Degree. This documentary had really showed me what Disney has hidden beneath there happy and cheerful movies, that there is a deeper meaning in every scene that any people ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hi everyone, My name is Gabriella Pulice I’m a senior exercise science student here at SHU hoping to continue my education in Physical Therapy school. This documentary is one that really opened my eyes to a whole other way individuals may view Disney films. Just like every other little girl I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Welch and I’m a sophomore here at SHU. Like everyone has said already, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Disney movies were a very large part of our childhoods, and still are today, and probably will be for the rest of our lives as they continue to pump out ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Hi all, my name is Sarah Zupetz and I am a junior at Sacred Heart University. I was very excited to watch this movie and have it reveal some of the layers that are placed in the disney movies. Obviously, Disney movies were a hallmark to my childhood, like many others, but I really enjoyed ...Read more

Megan avatar

My name is Megan Uhrynowski and I am a freshman at Sacred Heart. I really enjoyed watching this film because like many other young adults, Disney films were a major part of my childhood. One quote that stood out to me was, "Disney is very good at policing their image" (8:24). The materials ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This was a very interesting documentary and a good eye opener (note: I am Asian and grew up in Asia and in North America). I myself grew up watching Disney with family and friends, and I do consider myself as a Disney fan. I never really thought about the stereotypes while watching these ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I love everything about this film. I think all educators, parents, and caretakers should watch it and be aware of the danger involved with the ways in which Disney manipulates the ways children develop a sense of the "order of things."

Anonymous picture
John Ryan

Hi everyone my name is John Ryan. I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart. Just like Jordan I grew up watching Disney films, usually with my family and still remember all the laughs and fun we had watching them together. I have nothing but good things to say about Disney's films. Within the first ...Read more

Anonymous picture

grow up and smell the coffee no doubt you are a white privileged child who has never suffered from any of the problems addressed in the movie and you need to stop assuming this is all fun and games when in reality these companies have incredible influence and power

Anonymous picture

Your view is childish and naïve

Anonymous picture
Jordan Bognar

My name is Jordan Bognar. I am a big fan of the Disney movies. I grew up watching them all. They all hold fond memories for me. Disney movies left me with a positive message. There was always a happy ending. Disney as we all know is a huge corporation driving in huge profits from their ...Read more

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