Million Dollar Intern
Undercover Business Gurus Bring Aid to Struggling Businesses

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Sadie the Bra Lady
A young entrepreneur from New York attempts to reverse the fortunes of a chain of UK bra stores.
History Studios
A businessman swaps his suit for some jeans to help a photographic company.
Greengate Furniture
Web innovator Ross tries to help a furniture manufacturer stuck in a time warp.
Shepreth Wildlife Park
A web entrepreneur helps a Cambridgeshire wildlife park become more customer-focused.
Nantwitch Bookshop
Young entrepreneur Gary becomes an intern in a struggling Cheshire bookshop.
Jane's Pantry
A young jam entrepreneur attempts to reverse the fortunes of a small chain of bakeries.
Wolds Way Lavendar
Here, an entrepreneur learns to drive a miniature train at a struggling lavender farm in York.
Suleman Sacranie attempts to help a struggling department store in Southend.
Hawley Garden Centre
Intern Rich Martell wants Hawley Garden Centre to just focus on plants.
Young entrepreneur Gary Martin goes undercover at a pet shop.

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Nantwitch Bookshop
Part of the Series: Million Dollar Intern
Young entrepreneur Gary becomes an intern in a struggling Cheshire bookshop.
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Many people start up new businesses looking to make money from technology and innovation. But what are the realities of starting a technology-based business? The following case studies illustrate both the possibilities and the pitfalls. SELLING GLASSES ONLINE: Three years ago Jamie was in university. Today he's the boss of…
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Soap Opera
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How does the established business get finance? Dave Nellist makes the points, illustrated by real-life case studies. SALES REVENUE is, of course, the best finance a business can have, because it's self generated. "Retained profits" can be ploughed back into the business without any of the "strings" attached to loans…
Reinventing the Way we do Business - With Jon Levin
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Program Highlights
  • Failures of matrix management and the need for authority with responsibility.
  • How worrying about a penny (or a million dollars) can kill a successful negotiation.
  • Working with the unions to get GM back on track.
Growth by acquisition has its place, but at some point you…
Hawley Garden Centre
Part of the Series: Million Dollar Intern
Intern Rich Martell wants Hawley Garden Centre to just focus on plants.
Success at Work Series
Learn key employability skills. Ten fun videos for school leavers, college students and new starters to achieve success at work. Two new interns arrive at Cutting Edge but not everything goes smoothly. Dion is the overconfident smart talking nephew of the boss. Tatiana speaks five languages but must work to…
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  • Financial Objectives
  • Financial Strategy
  • Return On Capital Employed
  • Financial Targets
  • Depreciation