In the Monument
Tracing the Evolution of Holocaust Memorialization

Interfilm Productions
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Rachel Whiteread
Part of the Series: theEYE
Rachel Whiteread has created some of the most remarkable and resonant public sculptures of recent years. House (now demolished) cast in concrete the interior of a terraced house in London's East End. Holocaust Memorial is a moving memorial in Vienna to the victims of the holocaust in Austria. Yet she…
Claes Oldenburg
Giant hamburgers and soft toilets - his images of consumerism, executed in disorientating materials and dimensions, and environments made Claes Oldenburg a key figure in Pop Art. Today, his landscape art and large sculptures are modern monuments which have made this American artist famous far beyond the art world. Gerald…
Roman Art
Episode 3 of The Vatican Museums
Episode #3: Roman Art in the Vatican Museums The art of Ancient Rome attests to military conquests, love of portraiture, and exists in monuments throughout Rome today.
William Hodges: The Art Of Exploration
The painter William Hodges is increasingly seen as a key figure in eighteenth-century British art and in its relationships with the wider world. In an age of colonial expansion Hodges accompanied Captain Cook on his second voyage to the Pacific from 1772 to 1775. His vivid paintings of Tahiti, New…
Alvar: His Vision and His Art
Part of the Series: Artists of Vision Series
This stirring and inspirational documentary celebrates the vision and art of one of Spain's major living artists, Alvar Sunol. One of the most collected artists in the world, with a loyal and growing following that now spans three generations he is best known around the world simply as "Alvar." Recognized…
Yield to Total Elation: The Life and Art of Achilles Rizzoli
Yield to Total Elation explores the life and work of the enigmatic and visionary artist Achilles G. Rizzoli. A mundane architectural draftsman by day, the architectural transcriber of the divine by night, Rizzoli created elaborate Beaux-Arts influenced monuments which would never be built. Accompanied by his witty and poignant commentary,…
TarraWarra Museum of Art: An Enduring Passion
TarraWarra Museum of Art: An Enduring Passion tells the story of the birth of Australia's first significant privately funded public art museum. Designed by architect Allan Powell, the museum was the vision of Eva Besen and Marc Besen who began collecting Australian art in the 1950s. Their friendships with artists…
Portrait of Wally
"Portrait of Wally", Egon Schiele's tender picture of his mistress, Walburga ("Wally") Neuzil, is the pride of the Leopold Museum in Vienna. But for 13 years the painting was locked up in New York, caught in a legal battle between the Austrian museum and the Jewish family from whom the…
Peter Eisenman: Building Germany's Holocaust Memorial
This documentation chronicles Peter Eisenman's creation of a major public sculpture in the center of Berlin, a soccer-field sized space filled with 2711 concrete stele. The stele are of varying heights, tipping to the left and right on a shifting, undulating ground, reminiscent of a wheat field tossed by strong…
Saved! - A Century of Art For Everyone
Saved! A Century of Art for Everyone celebrates the work of the National Art Collections Fund (the Art Fund) during its first one hundred years. Since 1903, the Art Fund has helped museums and galleries in he United Kingdom acquire more than half a million works of art. Ten of…
The Sistine Chapel
Episode 7 of The Vatican Museums
Episode #7: The Sistine Chapel The most admired and incomparable monument in the world, involved such artists as Botticelli, Signorelli and, of course, Michelangelo.
Altina is the provocative portrait of an American trendsetter whose free spirit defied convention. A woman ahead of her time, Altina Schinasi was born in 1907 in New York City; the daughter of a tobacco tycoon and decedent of Sephardic Jews, she upended the expectations that accompanied her position. Altina…