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Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series

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Native Americans
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
What does it mean to be a Native American? Perhaps Native American model Stormy Hollingsworth (Ute) says it best, "to be proud, to know that our past and our whole history is a circle of life." This program introduces us to members of the Ute, Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Omaha…
The Untold West: The Black West
Directed by Nina Rosenblum and narrated by Danny Glover, this segment salutes the black cowboys of the western wilderness who fought alongside their Native American and white counterparts during the development of the frontier. The contributions of these nearly forgotten African-Americans are portrayed through realistic re-enactments, including a special segment…
The Meeting Ground
Part of the Series: The Unfinished Nation Series
The American West--a place of convergence. Contrasting experiences of Native American tribes; Spanish-speaking communities of Mexican Americans in New Mexico, Texas, and California; Chinese immigrants, and African Americans. The impact of the Homestead Act and the experiences of native cultures.
The Crazy Horse Memorial
The construction of Mount Rushmore was looked upon unfavorably by Native Americans who were promised the Black Hills in a treaty later broken by the United States. In order to honor the legacy of the Native Americans who lived in western South Dakota, an even larger monument of Crazy Horse…
Native-American History
Explore the fascinating history of the Native American people. Follow their history from migration to the Americas, to the development of civilizations throughout the American continent. Discover how every part of America was flourishing long before European settlers arrived. See the impact of early Native Americans in North and South…
America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era:
Examine the complex and fascinating story of the conquest of the American West. First, assess key myths surrounding the West and how it was settled. Explore the motives and realities of westward migration, the components of the western economy, and the conflicts with Native Americans that led to violence and…
From Days Before Time
Part of the Series: The Unfinished Nation Series
Early human habitation of the North American continent. The civilizations of the North and South and tribal cultures. The journeys of Christopher Columbus. Exploration and exploitation of the west by the Spanish; impact on native population. Early slave trade. Biological and cultural exchanges between the Spanish and native cultures.
Home on the Range
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
"Home, home on the range..." - words from the famous song that echo as the unofficial anthem of the American West. In this program we are shown how modern-day Westerners are living their life on the range. Former U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell tells of the integral part played by…
Manifest Destiny?
Part of the Series: The Unfinished Nation Series
American expansion into the west. Tensions between Mexico and the United States over Texas. The Mexican War and its aftermath. Discovery of gold in California in 1848, and the rush for riches. How the gold rush changed lives of the Californios and Native Americans, the Chinese workers and those lured…
All in a Day's Work
Part of the Series: Spirit of America Series
Americans are hard-working people, but some people, as we meet here, are just not cut out for 9 to 5 office jobs. After meeting a farmer and his beloved draft horses, we are introduced to a rodeo bull rider, a fire fighter, a white-water rafting guide, a traveling circus worker,…
The Drums of Winter (Uksuum Cauyai)
This feature-length documentary explores the traditional dance, music and spiritual world of the Yupik Eskimo people of Emmonak, a remote village at the mouth of the Yukon River on the Bering Sea coast. The Drums of Winter gives an intimate look at a way of life of which most of…
Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience
This exciting and compelling one hour documentary invites viewers into the lives of contemporary Native American role models living in the U.S. Midwest. It dispels the myth that American Indians have disappeared from the American horizon, and reveals how they continue to persist, heal from the past, confront the challenges…