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Can't Stop - When Compulsion Takes Over
A series that lifts the lid on the most obsessive, eye popping and amazing people out there. Meet the individuals whose day-to-day lives are nothing short of extraordinary because they simply Can't Stop! Each episode focuses on a different obsession: shopping, collecting, hoarding and cosmetic surgery, and features the most…
Managing Stress, Safety & Well Being Series 1
A short, entertaining, and informative series on how to handle the stress of working and safety.
War Without Weapons
A behind-the-scenes look at the Victorian Football League team, North Melbourne, and the preparation and physical build-up that goes into getting a team ready for the top Australian Rules football competition. Ron Barassi, from North Melbourne, is shown in his role as a top VFL coach and we follow the…
Days and Clouds
Well-to-do and sophisticated couple, Elsa and Michele, have a 20 year-old daughter, Alice, and enough money for Elsa to leave her job and fulfill an old dream of studying art history. After she graduates, however, their lives change. Michele confesses he hasn't worked in two months and was fired by…
Social Work: Social Issues
This introduction to social work examines three disciplines (addictions, human growth and development and justice studies) from a social work perspective. The video focuses on the theory that recovery from poverty and/or physical, psychological or spiritual illness requires a holistic approach. If a social services professional is to successfully identify…
How I Stopped Drinking: Four Stories Continued
A follow-up to What Made Me Stop Drinking, this program investigates how those same people - recovering alcoholics - actually managed to stop drinking. They took different routes and found their own sources of support. Mandy - "I hated my life, I hated myself. I hated everybody I knew and…
Part of the Series: Can't Stop
All of us can be guilty of hanging on to too much stuff but when does not throwing things out become a problem and turn a house in to a hoard-filled home?
Health Promotion: Health Policy
A video from ECU's archive of documentaries and teaching films. What is the point of raising awareness about health lifestyles in in a social context which spawns poverty, unemployment, pollution, discrimination and disempowerment? Michele Kosky, Western Australian Health Consumers' Council, and Mark Goggin, Western Australian AIDS Council, discuss the relative…
Addictions: Social Issues
Addictions take many forms, and know no boundaries of race, religion, gender, or class. For many, addictions not only lead to emotional and physical misery, but also lead into the criminal justice system. This video views addictions from a holistic perspective -- mind, body and spirit -- with an explanation…
Black Metal Veins
Black Metal Veins unflinchingly documents the dark realities of despair and morbid self annihilation surrounding the lives of five heroin junkies. The addicts' intertwining stories of pain, loss, sadness, and abandonment lead the viewer down the agonizing and hideous path of horrifying psychological and spiritual destruction as the grim disease…
Behavioral Therapy for Chemical Addictions
Review the basics of substance use disorders--alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs--and what second- or third-wave CBT therapies can offer people who suffer with addiction. Add community reinforcement approach (CRA) to your CBT toolkit and see how it can be more successful than 12-step recovery programs.
Spirituality in Addictions
Through the comments of an addictions counsellor and a married couple who have each struggled with addictions, the place of spirituality and religion in the context of addictions is explored in this video. How addictions impact a person's whole being is examined, as well as how spiritual and religious beliefs…