Painted Nails
A Vietnamese Salon Worker Fights for Safe Cosmetics

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touching and important

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Thank you Kathy for watching Painted Nails and your post. As filmmakers we were moved by Van's willingness to open up her life in the documentary. She continues to speak out for herself and her family, the women working in the nail industry, her clients and for all of us who apply ...Read more

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As a child of nail salon workers, so many aspects of this documentary resonated with me. It is inspiring to see Van advocate for herself and for her community, and it really brings to life how important it is for individuals to be empowered and how it is possible for individuals to create ...Read more

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Thank you Vanuyen for your post. We as filmmakers witnessed Van advocate not only for herself but for others working in the nail salon industry. She eventually traveled to Washington DC to become the first person to testify before congressional hearings about the harmful chemicals and not ...Read more

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I was so happy to hear about this documentary! To see such an issue that never gets addressed getting a documentary. For anyone from salon families or can relate, you will definitely see your family members and yourself on the screen. The doc leaves you wondering what happened afterwards with ...Read more

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Thanks Jasmine. It was our intention to make Painted Nails, a film not only about the toxins in the nail industry, but to share a multi- layered immigrant story. We wanted this documentary to shatter stereotypes and allow the audience to connect with, and care about, another person’s ...Read more

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First hearing of this film, wasn't sure what to expect! To a wonderful surprise this fantastic documentary covers an underserved community and the toxic ingredients sitting right beneath their eyes---on their nails. In it, we see a strong individual fighting to ensure her community's health, ...Read more

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Ian Torres

Watched at a Stanford Vietnamese Student Association (SVSA) screening of it. Was great to be able to center the experiences of Van and other Vietnamese immigrant women and their communities in this documentary.

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Consumers rarely notice the downside of an industry so integrated into American daily life such as nail industry. This documentary sheds light on the adversity nail workers have to face in order to earn a living, including overworking, excessive exposure to toxic chemicals, permanent health ...Read more

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This documentary is truly eye-opening in regards to the health concerns in the cosmetic industry as a whole. This documentary made me question why we, as consumers are willing to risk permanent health complications for short term beauty. This film is a powerful example of how a single voice ...Read more

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This is a powerful and thought provoking documentary which follows the incredible journey of Van Hoang and the negative health effects she has suffered due to a lack of regulation of nail salon products. This is an important film to watch and will generate important dialogue around how these ...Read more

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