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Parenting Babies - Life before children
In this 'Speaking from Experience' clip, the participants talk about what their lives were like before they became parents and whether children were something for which they had always planned.
Parenting Babies - Preparing for baby
In this 'Speaking from Experience' clip, the participants discuss the fears and concerns they had as they prepared to become parents, and the steps they took to alleviate them.
Parenting Babies - Arrival
In this 'Speaking from Experience' clip, the participants discuss the thoughts and feelings they experienced upon their baby's arrival, how they bonded with baby and the challenges of having a…
Parenting Babies - Breast feeding & transition to solid food
In this 'Speaking from Experience' clip, the participants talk about why they made the decision to breast-feed, as well as some of the difficulties they experienced as a result of…
Parenting Babies - Sleeping
In this 'Speaking from Experience' clip, the participants share the techniques and strategies they employed during their baby's first year to make sleeptime easier for themselves and their children.
Parenting Babies - Playing & interacting
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants talk about the ways in which they interacted with their newborn, and how it aided with connection and communication.
Parenting Babies - Teething & moving
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants discuss how and when teething and moving began, and the different ways in which they supported their baby in those developments.
Parenting Babies - Watching baby grow
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants talk about the developmental milestones that occurred between 3 and 12 months old and the ways in which that affected their parenting.
Parenting Babies - Challenges & impact on life
In this "Speaking from Experience" clip, the participants share the challenges they faced during the first year of parenthood and the many ways in which having a newborn baby impacted…

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Parenting Toddlers
The toddler years are marked by significant behavioral and developmental changes in your child, making it a wondrous, but often challenging time for parents. This "Speaking from Experience" program features interviews with parents of children of all ages describing their experiences parenting their children from 1 to 3 years old.…
Joys & Concerns of Parenting
What does it really mean to be a parent? There are many challenges and adjustments that first-time parents face when their baby is born. One family shares the joys and challenges of parenting in this practical and encouraging video. Mom and Dad both discuss the things they have learned and...What…
Baby Crazy
Being a parent is one of humanity's most demanding and rewarding experiences--a mixture of infatuation, mad passion, fear, fun, guilt and enduring love. This entertaining documentary looks at four young couples who share their intimate experiences of parenting in rare moments on home video recordings and frank interviews. Narrated by…
Common Post-Natal Issues
Dr Charlotte Middleton has put together seven videos on common post-natal issues, recognising the enormous challenge of becoming a new parent. Produced by Eden Creative Media, these videos are best seen antenatally and again immediately post-natally, and are currently in use throughout Australia in Ramsay Health maternity hospitals.
The Microbiome and C-Section
In a series of 4 video interview presentations, world-leading professors discuss the impact on the baby's microbiome of being born by C-section, the risks and benefits of swab-seeding for C-section babies, and the link between C-section and increased risk of a child developing immune-related health conditions later in life. This…
Losing a baby - Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death
For most parents and families, pregnancy is a happy time filled with joyful anticipation and plans for the future. Losing a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death can cause feelings of shock, sadness and despair, and impact on every aspect of life. This 'Speaking from Experience' video features seven…
Just Add Spice: - Parenting for Happy, Healthy Kids
Just Add Spice is a learning tool for parents of children ages 3-6. It teaches how to use positive parenting skills to help children learn healthy habits. This learning resource of video and print materials follows four families as they attempt to instill healthy habits in their kids by using…
M.A.D Mums and Dads
The Cooma based Mums and Dads Group, M.A.D was established in 2004 to coordinate and advocate the wide range of needs pregnant and parenting teenagers have. The M.A.D group is committed to assisting pregnant and parenting teenagers and their children to participate in all community activities including education, recreation and…
Arthritis In Childhood: A Parent's Perspective
Arthritis and related musculo-skeletal conditions are the most common chronic and long-term medical illnesses and are the leading cause of disability among people aged 15 years and older. There is no known cause, and no cure. These Speaking from Experience clips offer first-hand accounts from children living with arthritis and…
Twice Born - Stories from the Special Delivery Unit
Step inside the groundbreaking medical frontier that is fetal surgery with Twice Born, a gripping PBS mini-series that takes an intimate, inside look at the Special Delivery Unit at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where rare surgeries are done on babies still inside their mothers' wombs. With exclusive access to…
The Healing Power of Mindful Parenting with Jon & Myla Kabat-Zinn
Mindfulness is paying attention purposefully and without judgment to the present moment; mindful parenting is about bringing that quality of awareness to relationships with children of all ages. Guiding a live studio audience in an exploration of the fundamentals of mindful parenting, the Kabat-Zinns share how parents can practice and…