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Comparing: Path to Math
Over time, children recognize that one group of things has the same number of things as another group. Children find a relationship between two things on the basis of some…
Sets, Classification, Ordering: Path to Math
Sets: Children put things together based on a characteristic. Sample activities:playing with blocks (size, shape), sand (heavy, light), water (full, empty), cooking, other comparing (hot, cold, etc.) Classification: Children join…
Shapes, Parts, Wholes: Path to Math
Shapes: Children learn to recognize and name shapes. Sample activities: playing with toys in various shapes, eating varied-shape crackers, using shapes in creative activities, blocks, movements. Parts and Wholes Children…
Space And Measurement: Path to Math
Space: Children learn relationships in space: direction, position, distance aEU| and the use of space - organization, pattern, and construction. Sample activities: using bodies to explore space - on, over,…
Numerals: Path to Math
In rote counting, children recite numerals names in order; in rational counting, they attach numeral name to a number of things. Later, they learn that each number symbol represents an…

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Moving into Math Stations K-2
Part of the Series: Teaching Mathematics Collection
Following on from the success of her book Math Work Stations, Debbie Diller now brings the world of math stations to life, demonstrating how you too can effectively incorporate math stations into your instruction to enhance your students' conceptual understanding and skills. Debbie works with both 1st and 2nd grade…
NEW: Up & Running with the Daily 5—Gail Boushey & Joan Moser, “The 2 Sisters”
"It's the first part of the year, and they're up and running faster than I've ever seen." --Joan Moser Since its publication, teachers throughout the world have made The Daily 5 one of the most widely read books in education. Through this proven structure, teachers experience for themselves the power…
Maths for Engineers Collection
A collection of films about engineering and math from FENC.
Math Tools in Action: Journals
Part of the Series: Teaching Mathematics Collection
Powerful tools for mathematics instruction can make a good lesson great. Simple and accessible, Math Tools in Action: Journals, bringing mathematical practices to life in the classroom on a daily basis. Math journals invite students to relate their own ideas, experiences and prior knowledge to the learning at hand while…
Stash 80
Stash Media is a collaboration of computer animators and graphic designers who design and build animated movies for the purposes of TV advertisements, music videos and other projects. The collection is the largest and most eclectic mix of short animated films available. Stash 80 delivers 35 important new motion projects.
How Did You Solve That?
Part of the Series: Teaching Mathematics Collection
This video offers a glimpse into two classrooms as teachers Kassia Omohundro Wedekind, author of Math Exchanges, and Rachel Knieling facilitate small-group math meetings with their kindergarten and 1st grade students. See what small-group math exchanges look like, sound like and feel like, and hear from Kassia and Rachel as…
Projectile Motion
Physics is frequently one of the hardest subjects for students to tackle because it is a combination of two of the toughest subjects for most students: Math and Word Problems. What sets this series apart from other physics teaching tools is that the concepts are taught entirely through step-by step…
Math Tools in Action: Manipulatives
Part of the Series: Teaching Mathematics Collection
Powerful tools for mathematics instruction can make a good lesson great. Math Tools in Action: Manipulatives make mathematics visible; they allow students to see math. Manipulatives also enrich mathematics discussions and make learning accessible and understandable for students at all levels. In this video, Chris and a year three class…
Paths of Hope - Livelihoods in Three Caribbean Communities of Costa Rica
This film provides insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by families in three contrasting communities in Costa Rica. Developed for an innovative teaching collaboration between Southern New Hampshire University and EARTH University, the film looks at key community economic development issues as seen by the region's residents, by EARTH…
Science: Anytime, Anyplace
Science: Anytime, Anyplace: A Collection
After School Programs
After School Programs: A Collection