Peace Commandos
Transforming Conflict in Congolese Society

Collective Eye Films
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We Will Win Peace
Seth Chase spent several years making marketing and advocacy videos for aid organisations in Central and East Africa. Now, turning the camera back on his industry, he explores the unintended but often harmful impact this work can have. We Will Win Peace goes behind the scenes of humanitarian advocacy and…
Silent Sentinels, Coward's War
In a post-Khmer Rouge society, Cambodia still continues to fight with the ghosts of war. The dominance of landmines throughout rural villages remains a lingering danger and daily threat to the lives of innocent civilians. This issue has spread to become a widespread crisis, as over one thousand people across…
Voices for Peace: Four Films on Grassroots Activism
In this compilation, award-winning independent documentary filmmaker Robbie Leppzer chronicles grassroots activists from a cross-section of races, religions, and ages working together to stop war. 4 Parts include:
  • Choose Life
  • Call of the Peace Pagoda
  • Straight Talk
  • Voices for Peace
"A filmmaker unafraid to go against the tide."…
A Force More Powerful
A Force More Powerful explores how popular movements battled entrenched regimes and military forces with unconventional weapons like boycotts, strikes, and demonstrations. Acts of civil resistance helped subvert the operations of government, and direct intervention in the form of sit-ins, nonviolent sabotage, and blockades frustrated many rulers' efforts to suppress…
Monitoring the Peace (Arms Control Inspectors)
"Recommended. The material is well organized and shows how science and technological tools are used to identify arms production, weapons testing, monitoring of peace agreements, and the destruction of weapons to comply with arms reduction agreements." -EMRO Review Technology is being used by peacekeepers and those who monitor peace treaties,…
Teachers of the World: What is Peace (Australia)
Part of the Series: Teachers of the World
Stefanie Lawrence uses a personal approach to investigate topics of conflict and peace in her combined Year 3/4 primary school class. With parental approval, she has introduced an innovative, personal growth program in which the students' experiences are often the basis for exploring global concerns. She strongly believes that if…
Peace in Our Pockets - Kenyans Using Mobile Phones and SMS to Build Peace and Prevent Violence
The film follows inspirational Kenyan activists as they promote civic engagement, build democracy, and defuse violence in the lead up to historic 2013 national elections. With cutting-edge SMS text-messaging, mobile phones, and people-to-people organizing, the peacebuilders transform the very meaning of peace in their country. Following the 2007 national elections,…
The Pram Factory
In the early 1970s Melbourne was home to the Australian Performing Group, a theatre collective that quickly became a focal point for the intellectual, artistic and political life of those turbulent times. They were based in a building called the Pram Factory, now synonymous with the people and events that…
Heroes of Our Time
Heroes of Our Time is a film that penetrates the inner sanctum of the organisation - Greenpeace, during a direct action against the international oil company, Caltex. The film takes the audience into the centre of the action, sharing with them the suspense, conflict and uncertainty of a dramatic confrontation…
Weapons of the Spirit
Le Chambon-sur-Lignon was a tiny Protestant farming village in the mountains of south-central France. Defying the Nazis and the French government that was collaborating with the Nazis, the villagers of the area of Le Chambon provided a safe haven throughout the war for whoever knocked on their door. Most of…
1904—The Russo-Japanese War
To the world's surprise, Japan defeated Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. Learn how this conflict fought with industrialized weapons reconfigured world politics by igniting the process of global decolonization, establishing Japan as a great power, and setting the stage for two world wars.
Till Something Breaks
Not every army officer wants to be a commando. Not every army officer is good enough. Till Something Breaks shows how the Commando Regiment makes its choice in a nightmare test that lasts 10 days and nights. The regiment tests these potential recruits to the limit. They are denied shelter.…