Place Matters
Part of the Series: Unnatural Causes

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This video really hit home to me as my hometown is currently facing a heroin epidemic. Communities really should encourage healthy lifestyles that include clean eating and exercise. All it takes is one leader from each community to get changes started.

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One's environment undeniably has a very great impact on their health. As communities form and develop, I believe that having a good infrastructure that encourages exercise, provides a save environment, and also has multiple places of financial support for its infrastructure should be ...Read more

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Public policies to improve the health of individuals in a certain area really do a lot of good, in my opinion. For example in Indianapolis, many people stay active by riding bikes downtown, running on the canal, or walking on the paths created for bikers and pedestrians. Where we live does ...Read more

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I really liked this video as it shows the importance of our living conditions on our health status. It's no secret that our environments have a huge impact on our health. I think it is super important that our communities come together to create better living conditions and environments for ...Read more

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I found the correlation between diseases later in life and living in a violent community when you are younger very interesting.

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There is no denying that one's surroundings are going to play a role in one's health. This is why we need to place a huge emphasis on developing infrastructure and community support.

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A lot of times money and education results in your health. When you are more educated you can have a better job and when you have a better job you are able to afford more things to keep you healthy. the community we live in often can show what our health might be like.

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Having a positive neighborhood is important when it comes to health. If a community is run down and there are not that many people living there than health will be worse. A community that is well run and kept up with and has high social interaction then the health of the community will be ...Read more

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I think it is very good that High Points community came together to build a safe, clean area where families could come together and try to live a clean healthy lifestyle.

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The place that you live has an affect on many of the determinants of health. Your neighborhood should have sidewalks to promote walking and exercise, togetherness within the community, and a park for kids to get outside. Having a well put together neighborhood will promote the health of the ...Read more

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After watching a few of these videos, having money is the difference between being healthy and unhealthy. The problem here is that is is cheaper and easier to go buy fast food or unhealthy food at the grocery store. People that don't have a lot of money, have no choice in buying the ...Read more

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I come from a very small town in Southern Indiana and all we had in our town was a few fast food places and a local grocery store. Luckily we had a grocery store available to us because not everyone is that lucky. It is hard to have a healthy lifestyle when you have very limited options ...Read more

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It really stinks to see that so many communities don't have adequate grocery stores or markets available to them so they can live a healthy lifestyle, but they do have many liquor stores and fast food restaurants. It seems as if they have no choice but to live an unhealthy lifestyle given ...Read more

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It makes sense in some instances that your residence will affect your health, such as recent examples of lead contamination in Flint, Michigan or northwestern Indiana. However, I hadn't considered the other factors of location that also can change one's future health outcome. The changes ...Read more

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This reminds me of the first video of the series. Where you live determine your health and it it completely true. Low income communities that get no help from the government or the community will have more people who are sick and have medical problems. The stress in people's lives takes a ...Read more

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The terms "vicious cycle" stuck in my mind. These people stuck in poverty are helpless to make a better life for themselves and their families, and the poverty taxes keep them in this cycle. The stress this must put on a family is unfathomable. Once again, this stress forces the body to ...Read more

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Something that I am sure every parent has thought of, but I know I have never even thought that the people we associate it and live around will affect your health. Its heartbreaking for the parents that so badly want and work for a better environment for their children but cannot provide it ...Read more

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I was really touched by the YES program and trying to instill hope into the kid's lives. It seemed like they were really lacking hope and by initiating this program it would give these kids something to look forward to in the future.

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I thought the connection between violence and the affects on health that the stressors caused by violence can have. Rather than just the obvious cause of early deaths due to violence, the discussion of the stressors caused by growing up in violence is an interesting topic.

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Understanding more about the poverty tax was really eye opening to me. It goes to show just how big of an impact socioeconomic factors play a role in an individuals health status.

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I think this video is so important! Worry floods these peoples lives. Constantly worrying about health and money. I think the "poverty tax" is an important point to look at. Things are more expensive in poverish areas. Families are constantly worrying about the safety of their families. Like ...Read more

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Great video, and I totally agree with the "poverty tax". It is so true. It's absolutely sickening.
One issue I had with this video is that we lived in Richmond for a few years, and had our two oldest sons there. While Richmond is extremely poor and dangerous, there are a lot of ...Read more

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Learning about the poverty tax in this video was very interesting. It definitely shows how environment can impact a person's health.

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The amount of impact that an environment can have on a persons health is amazing. Communities that have worked together to improve their environments are a huge example to many other communities across our nation. I also had never considered poverty tax before watching this video and its a ...Read more

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I had never heard of the poverty tax prior to this video and it is absolutely unnerving! These people do not have the money capable to pay for these unneeded taxes and provide for their families sufficiently. It seems to keep the poor, poor, and the rich, rich. This one made me especially ...Read more

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I never really thought about poverty tax before this video. I would've never known that their were different poverty taxes proportionate to where you live. It does make sense that your health would decline if you lived in a bad area.

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It's crazy to me how environment can affect one's health and people don't even recognize that it is at some points. I also think it is absolutely absurd that there is a "poverty tax" in low-income areas. People don't have much money in these areas to start with, yet the government and ...Read more

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i have very different and mixed feelings about this video. i really didn't know that they type of house and where exactly it is located would be such a big deal like this. there is no doubt that the environment have a big impact on our health. however i was amazed with the idea of building ...Read more

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Who would have known that the area in which you choose to live in can have a total different "poverty tax" then the area next to you. Things such as groceries and gas can either be lower and higher because of location; this is a stimulating thought and makes you understand why environmental ...Read more

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It amazed me that it is not just our behavior and lifestyles that have a huge impact on our health and the diseases that come about. Our environments play a big role in this and this also involves the communities that we live in. The places where we live or work or go to school play a part in ...Read more

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It's interesting to see the cyclic effect limiting resources can have on a communities well being. The deeper look into impoverished communities showed a lack of investment. Neglected neighborhoods have no banks and shops to bring community tax in to fund schools and parks. Higher income ...Read more

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Socioeconomic status, which determines where you live, really does affect health. I thought the conversation between the doctor and the man with a heart attack was very blunt and almost rude. I did not know that car, appliance, and grocery prices were higher in areas of poverty in ...Read more

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This video reconfirmed that "the choices of individuals are limited by the environment." When public policies only benefit one type of people, other communities suffer greatly. The community in which you live determines your exposure to drugs, crime, and environmental toxins. Children who are ...Read more

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This video talks about how living in a community with poor environment surroundings can lead to dangerous diseases at very early age. In this case, Richmond is that community. A very informative but sad video.

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This video recognizes the link between environmental factors and health. I found the video to be very educational and interesting.

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This video shows how much your environment can really effect your health and social status. We tend to fall into a routine if we do not do things differently sometimes. It is important ti think about our health when we look at the environment around us.

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This video addresses a lot of what Unnatural Causes unveils in the United States. From immigrant health, life course perspective of poverty, chronic stress, racism, and the increasing lists of social determinants that inevitably determine one's quality of life.

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This video really helps to show that you can get stuck in a certain lifestyle depending on your living situation and what type of community you live in, it is definitely an environmental factor.

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This is similar to the first clip we were assigned to watch in terms of wealth and its connection to health. This is just a reminder that your place of residence is an impact on your health. Statistics prove that typically, if an individual lives in poorer, urban area that their health is ...Read more

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This just proves that the environment you live in has a huge impact on health and policies should be changed to help improve the health of impoverished communities.

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This film is a prime example of how neighborhood conditions can have an indirect impact on health. I live close to Chicago where all the gang violence takes place, and when you see on TV during interviews, they express it is because they couldn't get out of the violence that surrounded them.

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This video shows that people can get trapped in a certain lifestyle because they can't get out of the place they live. Policies and things like loan availability make it nearly impossible for families to uproot and establish themselves elsewhere.

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this video is showing the truth. this type of living is bad for their health all because they are not able to provide for their family like they need to.

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I really liked what the epidemiologist in this video had to say about why place matters.

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I feel that this video accurately discussed how broad the causes of health problems are and how solutions aren't so simple. I again appreciated the interviews with people in those communities. I have seen this specifically in Indianapolis, where certain neighborhoods determine health issues. ...Read more

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This is the most holistic video i have seen describing the health care problem not just in the US but all around the world and policy maker need to look at this problem beyond the medicalized view.

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Message I received from this video: there is no one definitive solution to fixing health or quality of life for society. All issues affect each and influence the other and do no exist in isolation and that is also how they should be addressed.

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Incredibly thorough and well organized

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