Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
Part of the Series: American Experience

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Rachel Carson - The Woman Who Launched the Modern Environmental Movement
When Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was published in 1962, the book became a phenomenon. A passionate and eloquent warning about the long-term dangers of pesticides, the book unleashed an extraordinary national debate and was greeted by vigorous attacks from the chemical industry. But it would also inspire President John F.…
Aldo Leopold 2: "A Sand County Almanac"
"If the eco of ecology has literary cornerstones, they are Thoreau's 'Walden,' Marsh's 'Man and Nature,' Carson's 'Silent Spring,' and Leopold's 'A Sand County Almanac.'"-Sierra Club Magazine "The power of 'A Sand County Almanac' is that it helps us see in so many ways that the land is an organism,…
Pests in the Environment
Part of the Series: Curiosity Quest Goes Green
How do we keep pests out of our environment without using pesticides and herbicides? Join this Curiosity Quest Goes Green episode to learn how
The Green Economy: Green Golf Course Management
Part of the Series: The Green Economy
Think the modern golf course simply dumps tons of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides everywhere? Think again! Not only would that bankrupt most of these facilities but they are must more forward thinking, from a sustainability standpoint, than you might give them credit for. We will look at 2 courses that…
3 Billion and Counting - Malaria and the Ban of DDT
Dr. Rutledge and his team take an in depth look into a disease that has killed more people than any disease ever known -- Malaria. They interview African, Indian, and US Governments, charitable organizations, scientists, politicians, doctors, clinics, victims, and survivors. They explore and expose the politics of domestic and…
Nature's Orchestra - Sounds of Our Changing Planet
Nature sounds have been recognized as crucial indicators of environmental quality ever since the publication of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Traveling across the planet to every continent since the late 1960s, noted musician and soundscape ecologist Dr. Bernie Krause has recorded more than 15,000 species -- marine and terrestrial. Nature…
Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel Islands
For millennia, the bald eagle was an important avian predator in the Channel Islands just off the coast of Southern California. Then in the early 1960's the bald eagles disappeared entirely due to egg collecting, hunting, and extensive DDT contamination. In 1980 a young graduate student, Dave Garcelon, decided to…
Induction Series - Part 4
Highly engaging safety training videos.
Winter Gardening
Local produce is readily available year round when you know tricks for off-season gardening. Learn the advantages of and methods for planting during the "second spring," including tips on building a simple, inexpensive structure that creates a microclimate, making it possible to harvest fresh food all winter long.
Bridget Stutchbury: Silence of the Songbirds
Interview with Bridget Stutchbury, a scientist who studies songbird migration, behaviour and social life. She analyzes what their songs mean, and how these tiny creatures make their way from as far south as Uruguay, to as far north as the boreal forests of Canada, losing up to half of their…
Circle of Poison - Toxic American-Made Pesticides Sold Overseas
When the U.S. government bans a chemical, deeming it harmful to the health of its citizens, companies are still allowed to produce it for export only. CIRCLE OF POISON exposes this disturbing federal policy that sends a message to the world that American lives are more valuable, taking a global…
David Orton: Prophet of Deep Ecology
Interview with David Orton, a highly-regarded proponent of "deep ecology," a perspective that sees all life forms - man, moose or microbe - as having an equal right to survive and flourish. But he was not only an ecological philosopher and a bold thinker; he was also a deeply principled…