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Attack: The Countdown to Terror - The UK's Efforts to Combat Terrorism
Through drama and expert interviews, this nerve-wracking film reveals how security agencies are working together to keep the U.K. safe from a terrorist attack. At the heart of the forensically researched docudrama is a tense cat-and-mouse narrative about a jihadi sleeper cell planning a massacre at an iconic British event.…
Faces of Terror - Examining Terrorist Acts in France
Why are European children of immigrants like Amedy Coulibaly or the Kouachi brothers attacking their countries of birth? What leads them to reject the values of the nation which they grew up in and be reborn as extremists of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State? How does religion play in…
Tough Being Loved by Jerks - C'est dur d'être aimé par des cons
When twelve cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were published by Denmark's largest newspaper in 2005, European muslim groups denounced the cartoons as insulting and sacrilegious. To everyone's surprise, the protests against the Muhammad drawings took a worldwide scale, even leading to violent demonstrations in several Muslim countries. In France, the…
Saving Andrew Mallard
70 year old Grace Mallard refuses to believe her son Andrew is guilty of murder. 11 years ago Andrew was put away for life for the murder of a local jeweler. Over the course of a decade, Grace and her devastated family doggedly fight on to set him free. Along…
Nagore - The Murder of Student Nagore Laffage
Nagore revolves around the violent death of nursing student Nagore Laffage at the hands of a resident in psychiatry at the University Clinic of Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival 2008. The documentary includes the participation of the mother of Nagore, Asun Casasola, a true "Mother Courage" which is the…
June Bride - Redemption of a Yakuza
The June Bride is not your ordinary bar. And former Yakuza mobster Tatsuya Shindo is about the furthest thing from your ordinary pastor. After Shindo falls into a life of crime and repeated imprisonment, he finds that religion is his ultimate ticket to redemption. So, Shindo cuts off his pinkie…
Gangster Empire - Rise of the Mob: Chicago and the rise of Al Capone
Part of the Series: Gangster Empire - Rise of the Mob
Witness the real story behind the rise of Al Capone and the city of Chicago. Discover why the roaring twenties played the crucial role as the heart and soul of gangster life.
Kings of Pastry - Pastry Chefs in France
From the makers of the documentary classics Don't Look Back and The War Room. D A Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus are simply the best - so when they turn their sights on the competition for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), France's Nobel Prize for pastry, you're in for a…
In India, a group of boys dream of becoming Chess Grandmasters. But this is no ordinary chess and these are no ordinary players. Algorithms is a documentary that transports us into the little known world of Blind Chess. Chess is an ancient and universal game with origins in India. Filmed…
Mount Fuji—Sleeping Power
Turn from eruptions to volcanoes themselves--in particular, Mount Fuji in Japan, a sacred site whose nearly perfect cone shape is a popular subject in Japanese art. Investigate the origin of volcanoes such as Mount Fuji and the special conditions that produce their sturdy symmetrical cones.
Hawaii—Volcanic Island Beauty
The Hawaiian Islands are part of the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain, which stretches 3,600 miles across the western Pacific Ocean. This feature is mostly straight, except for a curious sharp bend. Investigate the origin of the chain and the special qualities of its easternmost element: the big island of Hawaii.
You Will Not Have My Hate - A Man Rebuilds His Life After a Terrorist Attack
Based on the International Bestseller by Filmmaker Antoine Leiris Days after the murder of his wife in the 2015 Bataclan attacks, Antoine Leiris wrote an open letter on Facebook to his wife's killer. It was a letter of exceptional grace and defiance, stating simply that the terrorists had failed because…