The Red Pill
A Feminist's Journey Into the Men's Rights Movement

Jaye Bird Productions
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I am a man and I work with men. This film is absurd. It completely fails to grasp broad social and cultural contexts by framing stats in a simple minded way. This hurts men by pandering to a series of simplified misunderstandings.

Women don't die at work? Up until the 1990s we have ...Read more

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You sound like the people protesting the MRAs at the start . Great Doc.

The more the mobs attempts to curb free speech the more publicity this documentary will get and that can only be a good thing.

I was interested in the male feminists and their seething hatred of other men, ...Read more

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Not a free speech issue. This is an issue of facts. The statistics overwhelmingly show who the victims of cultural systems are. Not only that but the only support available for men who are victims of crimes such as rape come from organizations and structures that are run with a feminist ...Read more

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I appreciate your response.
It is a free speech issue when organizations try to curb the screening of a film.
The key is to stop making this a gendered issue both men and women experience violence and discrimination {family law courts }.
Statistics are not the gospel truth ...Read more

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Thank you for taking the time Chris. And I frankly agree with you that stopping the screenings of this film is not a good way to go. Largely because it's screening is an act of self-defeat - the quality of argument is both poor and readily available online.
I also agree that statistics ...Read more

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Thanks for the list will give them a read. I see your point with the articles I provided, however I don’t agree the film was trying to stoke the flames of hate and the fact that MRAs do very little isn’t lost on me as they are a minority. Feminism is mainstream and many men agree or at least ...Read more

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Well, this is a good conversation. Thanks for taking the time to read the long replies, Chris. We need more dialogue and less division. There is definitely a fair share of idiocy, stereotyping and accusations on both sides of the camp. I'd be in remiss if I didn't say that feminism is not a ...Read more

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thanks mate enjoyed it too


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Spoken like a true feminist. Try removing your oppression-coloured glasses and looking at things without the biased feminist lens.

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There's a consistency to the way any critique of this MRA subgroups goes, and it looks a lot like what you've just posted Lachlan. Try using facts. The process of getting an argument together might actually teach you something. You are at Uni after all.

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Tremendously well done. A wonderful perspective into the actual men's rights movement and not the extremist version so often flaunted by the feminist driven media. If only more people would watch this with a truly critical mind. There are some use of outdated statistics, yet i feel they are ...Read more

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A riveting look at a topic that is not discussed often. It was really eye-opening to learn about some of the issues facing men that are swept under the rug in society. Especially the idea that men are expendable, the lack of support for male victims of domestic violence and the societal ...Read more

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RE your comment: "....the societal pressures to live up to gender roles on both fight injustice harming both genders and tearing down gender stereotypes for everyone."
YES YES!!! That is exactly what feminists do, what feminism is about! As a lifelong ...Read more

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It's good to hear different sides in a single documentary. Great visuals and cinematography. Also loved the side documentaries. Fantastic work Cassie!

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Thought-provoking documentary exploring the topics often silenced by the media. I appreciated the filmmaker, Cassie Jaye's, efforts to maintain an honest and objective look at the Men's Rights Movement by providing viewers opinions from both sides, as well as intermittent video diary entries ...Read more

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