The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz
The Story of Mata Ortiz Ceramics

Scott Petersen
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Revolutions of the Wheel - The Emergence of American Clay Art
Five films tracing the evolution of American ceramics from 19th Century American potters with their industrial origins to contemporary American clay artists whose work now ranks as fine art.
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Part of the Series: theEYE
Since winning the Turner Prize in 2003, Grayson Perry has become the nation's favourite transvestite potter. In this film, he speaks engagingly about why he is an artist that uses ceramics and not a potter, and about the defining themes that run through his work. He explains the elaborate, labour…
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An introduction to the geographical area of Mesoamerican culture which gave birth to the pre-Hispanic civilizations of Mexico. Origins and characteristics are discussed: the idea of nature, communication with the gods, the complex theocratic organization and the symbolic nature of their artistic expressions. The cultures of the Olmecs, Mayas, Mixtecs…
The Tradition of No Tradition
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"The Tradition of No Tradition" begins by asking: What is a potter?" "What is clay?" and "What makes a pot a vessel?" These issues are examined from the perspectives of contemporary potters, historians and art critics. The film goes on to explore American ceramics' background by examining its European origins.…
Raoul Dufy
Raoul Dufy is perhaps best known for his colourful and joyous Fauvistic paintings, but he also produced a dazzling array of ceramics, wall-hangings, dress fabrics and furniture designs. In addition Dufy produced elaborate decorative schemes for public buildings and was influential as a planner of public spaces. Having studied drawing…
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There is no mistaking the greatness associated with the names of Wyeth and Hurd in the world of American art. Now a fourth generation of artistic excellence has emerged from these two loved and admired families, Peter de La Fuente, a master of watercolor and egg tempera painting. As the…
Haughton Antiques and Lalaounis Museum
HAUGHTON ANTIQUES Brian Haughton Brian Haughton is one of the world's leading dealers in antique ceramics and organiser of six of the most important, influential and prestigious fine art and antiques fairs in the international art market. His gallery, Brian Haughton Gallery (founded 1964), specialising in 18th and early 19th…
Advanced Concepts: Pictorial Space
Episode 35 of How to Draw
Consider how, from pre-history through the Renaissance to the contemporary era, artists have approached the depiction of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional flat surface. Observe how recent artists have taken liberties with Renaissance principles of illusionistic space and set them to contradict one another, creating a whole range of…
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Roberto Cavalli, Massimo Giorgetti, Emilio Pucci, Santoni and Sportmax - Milan Fall 2016
In this issue of Videofashion Collections, Peter Dundas rewrites the Roberto Cavalli narrative for Fall 2016 with a rock-chic collection, leaving no detail left unnoticed. Massimo Giorgetti utlizes alpine sceneries and geometric structures for Emilio Pucci's sporty collection. Inspired by bombshell Marlene Dietrich, Santoni creates a multimedia photography presentation that…