Responding to Diversity: (and Respecting Differences)

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I'm Normal, You're Weird - Understanding Other Cultures
Do your students assume they're normal and the guy on the other side of the planet (or city) is weird? If so, here's a program for them. Viewers join visiting space aliens to gain a fresh understanding of themselves and human behaviour. This tool helps to help understand cultural differences.
Them And Us
Nice, reasonable people like us are "we," and strangers with weird beliefs are "they." This is how many of us see the world. But every "us" is somebody else's "them." Those who hold hidden assumptions or stereotypes consider them a recognition of reality, not a prejudice. A common reaction is…
What's Race Got To Do With It? - Social Disparities and Student Success
Ten years after Skin Deep, campuses still struggle to attain diversity, create equity, close achievement gaps, and enhance student success for everyone. California Newsreel has produced this new tool to support your diversity goals. Despite 15 years of diversity programs and initiatives, many of our discussions about race remain mired…
Everyday Heroes - Addressing Youth, Race and National Service
Everyday Heroes explores the rewards and the potential difficulties, on both a personal and program level, of national and community service and of service-learning. It provides a stimulating launching-point for discussion about civic engagement and youth leadership development. Issues of race and diversity permeate every scene, with the impassioned voices…
World Religions: A Common Journey
What is religion? How does it reflect the culture in which it exists? And what functions does it serve? There are key questions asked by virtually every human culture. Those questions, and the way different religions go about revealing the answers, shine a light on what all people and cultures…
Valuing Diversity Multi-cultural Communication
We often feel uncomfortable dealing with people who are different. Who is "different?" People from other cultures or social classes, other generations, or people with physical disabilities. This program shows how to overcome this communication barrier.
In Their Own Words: Retirement: Late Adulthood
Part of the Series: Late Adulthood
Seniors speak of their retirement planning, their expectations, and whether they were met. They demonstrate a variety of ways to move into retirement and living out the retired lifestyle. Finally, they demonstrate differences in adjusting to being retired. Diversity is evident as seniors discuss the decision-making process they undertook regarding…
Diversity & Communication
In the program, we role-play some possible conflicts between parents and early childhood professionals, to help prepare teachers for today's diverse world. Through viewing diverse opinions among and across cultures, we see that disagreement is healthy (really, it is!). We see how people of the same cultural background can have…
Diversity: Contrasting Perspectives
Parent relations deepen when childcare staff can explore contrasting perspectives and spark dialogue. This video depicts variations on themes of independence, interdependence and individuality in the delicate issues involved in day-to-day caregiving. Are there rights and wrongs when it comes to sleeping, eating, playing and learning? How can teachers "educate"…
Part of the Series: Elements Of Human Nutrition
Minerals are more than squares on the periodic table; they're crucial to our health. Learn the names and functions of minerals, and which foods are the best sourdfes to ensure proper nutrition. Understand the differences between vitamins and minerals, and what defines a mineral as "major" or "trace". (learning Seed,…
Part of the Series: Elements Of Human Nutrition
We often think of fat as harmful, but it is actually very important to the body. It is equally important to learn the effects of fats on the body in order to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Why is fat so important to a person's diet? Is all fat…
Death And Dying: Late Adulthood
Part of the Series: Late Adulthood
The final video in this series necessarily focuses on the end of late adulthood, which for human beings is death. Dying and bereavement are experienced very differently in different cultures. This sociocultural context of dying is explored in depth from a variety of perspectives. The pioneer in the discussion of…