The Ride
The Annual Chief Big Foot Memorial Ride

Under the Milky Way
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Freedom Riders
Part of the Series: American Experience
FREEDOM RIDERS is the powerful harrowing and ultimately inspirational story of six months in 1961 that changed America forever. From May until November 1961, more than 400 black and white Americans risked their lives--and many endured savage beatings and imprisonment--for simply traveling together on buses and trains as they journeyed…
The Modern Cavalry
Ride with the air cavalry and regiments that have fought in Vietnam, Iraq, and today's front lines. The U.S. Cavalry is still an example of excellence, pride, and tradition, and still play a critical role in our armed forces today.
Wounded Knee
Part of the Series: We Shall Remain
In 1973, American Indian Movement activists and residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation occupied the town of Wounded Knee, demanding redress for grievances. As a result of the siege, Indians across the country forged a new path into the future.
The Thick Dark Fog - Reclaiming Native American Identity
Walter Littlemoon is a 69-year-old Lakota man born and raised in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. At the age of five, he was removed from his family to attend a Federal government boarding school where his culture, language and spirituality were suppressed. The Thick Dark Fog profiles Walter's journey to heal…
This film documents the lives of Quechua people who live around Ausangate, a sacred peak in southeastern Peru. It is based on anthropological research conducted over twenty years and reveals how the weavers make textiles encoded with symbolic images that reinforce ancestral beliefs during rituals and in everyday life. Four…
Fight No More Forever - 1874 to 1877
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: The West
My father was the first to see through the schemes of the white men....He said: "My son...when I am are the chief of these people....Always remember that your father never sold his country....This country holds your father's body. Never sell the bones of your father and mother." I pressed…
The Activist
A gripping political thriller set during the 1973 Wounded Knee insurrection. Marvin and Bud, two Native American activists, are arrested and thrown in jail. There, they must face two officers monitoring their every move, and they join forces with a young lawyer assigned to their case all while Marvin mourns…
Rydin' Time
Few films have captured rodeo culture with as much energy and honesty as this superb documentary from the CAAMA team. In the heat and excitement of the Mt Isa Rodeo, three teenagers compete as Bull and Saddle Bronc riders. Already seasoned as riders, they routinely face their own fears to…
Malagan Labadama: A Tribute to Buk-Buk
The Melanesian island of New Ireland is a province of Papua New Guinea and lies in the Bismarck Archipelago four hundred miles northeast of New Guinea. For the people of the Mandak region of New Ireland the most dramatic and complex ceremonial events in their community are those surrounding death.…
We Gather as a Family
The Parakateje (Gaviao) people of Para have lost 80% of their population to disease since the 1950s. Kokrenum, the Parakateje's charismatic chief, worried about his people's cultural losses, organizes a visit to the Kraho, "relatives" of the Parakateje with similar language and traditions. Fifty young Parakateje participate in a Kraho…
Custer and the West
Go west as the United States expands and pushes into new territories in detailed accounts of Wounded Knee, the Battle of Little Bighorn, and the creation of the Buffalo Soliders
Spirit of the Dawn
"Education is your most powerful weapon. With it, you are the whiteman's equal, without it, you are his victim." Chief Plentycoups, last Crow Chief Spirit of the Dawn explores the dramatic changes in Indian education from the boarding schools of the past, where children were beaten for speaking their language…